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It’s been a few weeks since we counted down till midnight, popped some confetti and toasted to the end of 2022. And whilst many of us see the 1st January as the perfect time for a reset, we believe you can turn that new page whenever it feels right. Maybe you’re two weeks into building new habits, maybe you’re still preparing that resolution list – just remember that the real perfect time to start afresh is when you’re ready.

But, if you’re craving some 2023 motivation, then let our trusty student and teacher ambassadors inspire you with their top tips to make this 'the year of you'. 

A year of ticking off to-dos

We asked our ambassadors how they plan to tackle the new term and it seems we can all agree on one thing: planning is everything. Whether it’s carefully mapping out the term ahead or taking the weeks as they come, laying out a plan can help make the months seem a little less daunting.


Big projects, bigger solutions

@pink_academic_ (Geography PHD Student) tip: "With my thesis submission date looming, I have a lot of work to do. I find daily to-do lists can break down my tasks into smaller tasks. Plus, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a completed to do list at the end of the day". 

"This term is all about my dissertation – the biggest project of my university journey so far. Beautiful planners and lots of to-do lists are sure to be my ultimate besties for the next few months."  @goalsandgiggles (Psychology & Linguistics Student)

You've probably heard it before, but it's true: the best way to tackle a tricky task is to break it down into little pieces. (Something we all need reminding of when faced with the overwhelm of a big project). Our student ambassadors certainly agree it’s a lot less scary that way. The trick is, finding the right tool to help you do it. So, are you a bullet point list kind of person? A daily planner? Or a sticky note around the room sort? Whatever your style, it's all about making it work for Y.O.U.



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New term, same trusty list

Our teaching ambassadors agree that lists are little life savers. It doesn't matter if you're jotting on a post it, filling up your pages or have a designated book just for them, we're a bit list obsessed.

@teachingyear6 (Year 6 Teacher): "Having a clear list of tasks is key and allows me to declutter my mind. Once it’s written down, it’s much easier to identify which tasks are of high important and take priority".

"Preparation is key so I’ve got key dates in my diary, realistic to-do lists to work through across the term and a careful categorisation method". @the_imaginationfairy (Primary Teacher)

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning the next day or looking to the next month, a to-do list is the best way to get all the tasks swirling round your head in one, easy-to-manage, place. Just remember to not fret over unticked items; there’s always tomorrow!


Getting back into the swing of things

The January slump is a very real feeling. The festive rush has come and gone and it’s tough to jump back into productivity mode when you’re still 68% mince pie. Our top tip: don’t rush into it – ease into your work schedule rather than throwing yourself into the deep end.

With that, over to our ambassadors for their words of wisdom and top tips for combatting the January blues...


Hitting the reset button

@thestudygene (Health Sciences Student): "Plan study dates in different locations to help switch things up and make it feel more exciting than studying at home".

"I like to bring some of the cosy Christmas vibes into my study space and keep them into January. I’m talking wintery scented candles and fairy lights to brighten up the darker months". – @goalsandgiggles

And possibly the most important tip for a January refresh...

"Get enough sleep! I always struggle with motivation when I’m tired and my sleep pattern is always a bit irregular over Christmas". – @teachhealthier (Primary Teacher) 

It’s important to take good care of yourself too in January. Try not to get bogged down in becoming a whole new person overnight and ensure you take time to reflect and relax. It could be a little self-care and pampering day, starting a new journal or taking some time to meditate. 

Reminder: you are GOLDEN, just as you are. 


Be sure to schedule some you-time

"Get back into a routine and try to stay organised. Just make sure to put fun things in with friends and family on the schedule too". – @glimpsesofgraduatelife (Cambridge Graduate)

@teachingyear6: "Treat yourself with grace and kindness. It’s easy to think you have to get everything done at once but it’s good to slow down – a 5-minute chat with a friend or colleague can do a world of good".

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Rapid Fire! What product is your sidekick this term?

We agree that nothing delights quite like the fresh pages of a new notebook or the first time a highlighter glides across your notes. From a little pencil case, a sleek planner or a whole new filing system, this is what our ambassadors’ top picks they need to succeed in 2023!


Note-taking notables

@thestudygene: Multi-coloured fine liners so I can colour code my notes by topic and section.

@pink_academic_: A good quality notebook and a good pen to go with it – the more enjoyable it is to write; the more I write!

@glimpsesofgraduatelife: I always have my pencil case full of my favourite black pens and a highlighter (or two).


Missed meetings? I don’t know her!

@miss_mcmillan_ (Primary Teacher): I can’t survive without my diary!

@teachhealthier: I produce my best work using my teacher planner.

@the_imaginationfairy: A diary, I use the same one for work and personal dates so I can have everything organised in one place.

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Rapid Fire 2.0! How will you spread a little joy every day this year?

Tend to the relationship garden

@teachingyear6: A big one for me is checking in with my colleagues and taking time to develop those important relationships.

@miss_mcmillan_: I’m going to leave little post it notes for my colleagues to say thank you and show my appreciation.

@goalsandgiggles: I plan to use my procrastination powers to encourage people to take breaks and have a laugh. Better headspace = better learning!


Put the self in self-care

@thestudygene: I’m going to focus on my health more, take regular study breaks and schedule time for fun.

@pink_academic_: I want to upgrade my lunches and experiment more with the food I bring for study sessions. Nothing motivates like a nice bite to look forward to!


Feeling inspired by our ambassadors? Tag us in your posts on socials (@frompaperchase) with your top picks to help make 2023 the year of you.


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