5 Things You Need to Work from Home

You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work – but you still gotta work, work, work, work, work. Let us help you do just that with our special selection of working-from-home must-haves. With the right tools (AKA lots of sensational stationery!) we can all work from home, oh, oh, oh, oh… 

1. Storage

At the end of a normal working day, you can just shut down your computer and make a beeline for the exit. But when you work from home keeping your professional and personal lives separate isn’t so simple. If you don’t have an office or even just a desk, where do you put your working bits and bobs come 5:30pm? 

Well, in one of our excellent pieces of desk storage of course! Whatever your home aesthetic or however much you have to store away, we’ve got a stylish solution up our sleeve. Our storage boxes are perfect for packing away your laptop, charger and notebook, while your stationery stash will find a happy home in a set of desk drawers. Out of sight, out of mind… now what episode was I on? 

2. Filing

Working from home doesn’t mean you should let your filing fall by the wayside. We can still judge you from afar. Just kidding! 

But seriously, you will need some form of filing system if you want to avoid turning up to a meeting in the office with your gas bill. If you’re a placid paper-piler, grab a tactical tray or a no-frills folder and fill to your heart’s content. For the more ferocious filers, we’ve got ring binders, case files, and everything else you could possibly need.  

5 things you need to work from home

3. Pen pot or pencil case

A lot of us take the stationery supply at work for granted (at Paperchase, we have a whole broom cupboard dedicated to it – don’t hate us cause you ain’t us!). Work from home for a day and suddenly you’re pining for all those pens you’ve never paid special attention to. If you do own some backup biros, the chances are you’re going to lose them fast if you don’t have somewhere safe to store them. 

So, treat yourself to one of our pretty-yet-practical pen pots or pencil cases – and of course, some pens to go with it! You’ll thank us when you can actually take notes during that call with your boss, instead of pretending to while frantically trying to remember what they’re saying. “Sorry I didn’t quite catch that, could you repeat? Yeah, everything you said in the last five minutes…” 

4. Notebook

This one’s pretty simple. If you haven’t got a trusty notebook to hand, you may as well go back to bed and forget about work. 

5 things you need to work from home

5. Planner

When you work from home, your self-discipline can become a little slack. Plus, without your usual meetings, chats with colleagues, and general workplace routine, it’s easy to lose track of your priorities and things you need to get done. 

Luckily for you, we’ve got a seriously useful selection of planners and organisers to help you stay focused and efficient. Equip yourself with a desk or list pad (or both!) and start ticking those tasks off! 


Shop our working from home stationery edit or read more of our working from home tips to help you get in the zone while at home. 

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