Alzheimer’s Society: The Causes Behind our Christmas Charity Cards

Behind our Charity Christmas Cards are nine incredible causes who spread a little joy in a big way to people in need. This year, £150,000 from the sales of our cards will go to these amazing charities, split equally between them to support the wonderful work they do. And in the season of giving, what could be more magical than getting to know these guys a better – learning how they give back, and how wishing your loved ones well this year will go even further than your nearest and dearest.

In this blog, we got to speak with the amazing folks over at Alzheimer’s Society, as they talked to us about the incredible work they do helping *everyone* affected by dementia.


Q1. In a nutshell, what does Alzheimer's Society do?

We provide help and hope to everyone affected by dementia.

We support people through some of the hardest and most frightening times, to improve their lives and help to avoid crisis. We also we join forces with people affected by dementia, leading scientists, and policy makers, amplifying voices to push for research breakthroughs and societal change. This work is vital to improve the lives of people affected by dementia, now and in the future.

We want everyone affected by dementia to know that whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, you can turn to us for expert support through practical advice, emotional support, and guidance for the best next step.


Q2. When was the charity established, and how did it come to be?

For more than 40 years, Alzheimer’s Society has been at the forefront of cutting-edge breakthroughs in research and has been a powerful force for change for people affected by dementia across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Q3. How do people's donations support?

Donations enable us to research into care and cure, provide support and training, and campaign for the rights of people living with dementia. Just £20 could go towards the cost of our Dementia Advisers, who offer vital money management advice, whilst a £30 donation could go towards the running of our support services, where our expert staff can help people living with dementia to access the financial support that they’re entitled to.

By 2025, 1 million people will be living with dementia in the UK, and many millions more carers, partners, families and friends are affected. Alzheimer’s Society is the only UK charity focused on addressing the growing dementia crisis from all sides.

As the scale of the cost-of-living crisis widens, we’ve seen a 31% increase in finance-related calls to our support line from some of the most vulnerable in society unsure of how they’re going to cope in the weeks and months ahead.


Q4. What has been the most significant project you've seen your work aid?

The impact of our Dementia Action Week 2022 campaign was unprecedented. We launched a big national campaign, including a powerful TV advert. On the day our campaign launched, we saw a 70% increase in calls to our support line (our busiest day on record), with a 43% average increase during the week. Launch day also saw the biggest ever number of visits to our website.

This meant thousands of people accessed vital guidance and support from Alzheimer’s Society, helping them through some of the most challenging and frightening times. We also gave people the opportunity to have open and honest conversations with loved ones who may be experiencing signs of dementia, changing perceptions and helping those who need us most to avoid crisis.


Q5. Which of the 18 Charity Card Designs is your favourite?

So hard to choose as there is something for everyone! We love ‘Christmas Market Tree Decoration’ and the ‘London Christmas scene’ cards!


Q6. How would you like to leave this world a better place? 

We will not rest until people with dementia and their carers live more fulfilled and less fearful lives, free from stigma and inequality.


Q7. How can people play their part in helping those affected by dementia this Christmas?

If you know someone affected by dementia who is finding things difficult over the festive period, please encourage them to come to us for guidance and support. Our expert Dementia Advisers can help answer a range of queries, including help with money management. Through our support services, we can also help people affected by dementia access the financial entitlements they’re eligible to receive.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, you can turn to us for expert support through practical advice, emotional support, and guidance for the best next step. 


Q8. What does spreading a little joy in a big way (our Christmassy motto) mean to Alzheimer’s Society?

Spreading a little joy in a big way means the warm voice of one of our Dementia Advisers at the end of the phone to tell someone that it’s ‘going to be ok’ at the end of a difficult day. It means seeing the face of a loved one light up as they remember the words to one of their favourite songs during one of our Singing for the Brain sessions. It means having a conversation with someone on Talking Point, our online support forum, who has gone through what you’re going through and offering a glimmer of hope that tomorrow might be a little bit brighter.


A huge huge thanks to Alzheimer's Society for telling us the story of their incredible cause and the invaluable work they do for everyone affected by dementia. To support them further, visit their website to learn more and donate, or discover our Charity Christmas Cards - the proceeds from which go towards supporting their charity. 




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