Anti-New Year’s Resolutions: What Are They & Why Should We Have Them?

Happy New Year Paperchasers! We hope your 2023 is off to a fab start, even though this time of year can be... A LOT. And with the fresh-start feeling in the air, we’re already thinking of ways to do it a little differently.


Anti-resolutions journal


Traditional resolutions are sooo 2022. They can be restrictive and intimidating, especially when you like to aim high (guilty), making them harder to stick to. That’s why, this year, we’re ditching them. Instead, we’re all about anti-resolutions – oooooh! Forgetting the stress of being a “better” version of yourself, because, let’s face it, you’re golden.

Instead of committing yourself to some crazy workout or giving yourself 30 days to become fluent in Finnish (myös sinun, eikö?), focus instead on what you would like to leave behind in 2022. Reframing your outlook in this way will make it much easier to follow through on your resolutions. After all, it’s a lot easier to leave a habit behind than take up something completely new.


How to get your anti-resolutions started


Do what makes you happy notebook


To get started, simply think of those stressful, boring or guilt-inducing things that once you shed will make you feel lighter and help put a spring in your step for 2023.

It can be as simple as unsubscribing from useless emails or giving up on buying fast fashion pieces that clutter your wardrobe. To help get you inspired, we reached out to some wonderful Paperchasers (can you spot yours?!) to find out what their anti-new year’s resolutions are.

Here’s what they are letting go of in 2023.

‘I will stop caring what other people think’ – Mauve
‘I will stop letting people walk over me and accepting less than I deserve’ – Genie
‘I will let go of poor sleeping habits’ – Nic
‘I will stop setting unrealistic goals and being harsh on myself if/when I fall short’ – Em
‘I will give up on assuming the worst, and look for the good in the little things’ – Tom
‘I will give up my corporate queendom, and focus on what matters to me most’ – Becca
‘I will say no to punishing Hiit classes I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO, and yes to fun new hobbies’ – Charlotte

Have your fellow Paperchasers inspired you? We’d love to hear what your anti-new year’s resolutions are by tagging us in your posts on socials (@frompaperchase). Or, if you’re still a little stuck on what exactly you’d like to leave behind, you can pick up a notebook and get journaling to figure out exactly what you want to give a miss in 2023.
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