Make Studying Fun Again

Diaries, planners, list pads, studying, note-taking… eurgh, sometimes studying, as important as it may be, can be a little boring. So for heaven’s sake don’t use boring stationery! Stationery can be fun and useful. Let us show you…

Our Flyaway range, aside from being slightly bonkers, has some really clever ways to keep yourself organised for the new term. This Flyaway Iridescent Pink Heart Organiser is the perfect way to keep on top of your homework and key dates. There are six sections: Me – for all your personal info (and yes, that includes your social IDs too), a diary, planner, time table, to do lists, and notes. This is a one-item-does-all. Oh… and it’s gorgeous.





If you don’t like to be told where to put your notes or how to organise yourself, try a subject notebook, divided up into tabbed sections you can split up as you choose. Each divided section has a dreamy illustration on it too and each page features a cute bunny in the corner. Lush.


This collection is bananas and we mean that literally. It’s just bananas and nothing else. Oh, apart from amazing. We have some really great study tools in this range too. The sticky notes book is gigantic and packed full of little notes you can stick everywhere to remind yourself what needs doing. Stick them on your door so you don’t forget as you leave, on your bedside table or sticking out of your notebook so you can find pages easily.


We love this planner – you get a page per day to write a job list,prioritise them and check off when done. A place for notes, don’t forget and a fun fact if you fancy. Keep track of how much fruit is being eaten, plus water and kindness. Aw. The banana paper clips are by far our favourite product in this range.


Monkey Puzzle is just fun and a bit more junior than the previous two ranges. As such, the jumbo pad is much more child-friendly with its big, bold graphic prints, it’s sure to appeal to all little monkeys. The most adorable thing for us, are the little dividers within our subject notebooks – with each a character popping its head out.


See? Studying is much more fun with the right kit! Check out our stationery essentials for more ideas.

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