Back to School Supplies: The Essentials You Need

Feeling a bit bewildered about the kids going back to school after lockdown? We’re not surprised! To help you prepare for a smooth start, we’ve done some research around what back to school supplies you’re likely to need.

This list of essential items is based on a variety of feedback from schools and teachers. Please note this is not official guidance and won’t apply to every school or age group. We hope you’ll find this helpful but make sure you check with your school exactly what you can and can’t bring!

Back to School Supplies: The Essentials

Pencil case

The annual tradition of picking a shiny new pencil case might look a little different this year. Some schools may ask for clear cases only, or plastic pencil cases that can be wiped clean. There’s no need to panic though, as we’ve got plenty that tick these boxes (and are also super stylish!).

Back to School Supplies - Pencil Case


Find the perfect pen pal(s) for your new pencil case. Black or blue, ballpoint or biro, smart or snazzy – whatever feels write for you!


From traditional HBs and colouring packs to mechanical marvels and arty types, we’ve got enough pencils to see you through the rest of the year.


Mini highlighters, pastel highlighters, double-ended highlighters, recycled highlighters, erasable highlighters (yes, really) – the list goes on! Spoilt for choice is an understatement…

Back to School Supplies


Big and small, simple and jazzy – our range of rulers makes following the rules fun!

Eraser & sharpener

Start the school year feeling sharp and ready to rub out any errors!

Glue stick

Say goodbye to waiting for one glue stick to make its way round the classroom and hello to getting stuck in straightaway.

Back to School Supplies - Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Kit the kids out with a bright water bottle from our super selection of shapes, sizes and colours.

Lunch Bag

Bag it up, bag it in, let the lunching begin… Keep food safe and scrummy in an insulated lunch bag that’s easy to carry and hard to lose!


Browse our full range of back to school supplies here.

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