Christmas Planning with Creative Journalling

The run up to Christmas can be a hectic and busy time, so to avoid the stress and embrace the pace of the season, we’ve created some Christmas Journal Spreads to help you be your best organised self.


The Master Christmas Planner has got all the essentials in one fa la la la llama place. Keep your gifts, decs, food shopping, outfits and wish-list all on one double page spread. Keep your journal with you so you can jot down any early morning brainwaves. Knowing you’re so organised will clear your mind of tasks, leaving you to focus on choosing a colour scheme for your Christmas tree.  We’ve gone for pink and Llama-ry.




With so many tasks to complete, a straight up to-do list can be all too overwhelming. Our Christmas activities advent calendar is a to-do list of a better kind to help remind you not to get caught up in the admin of it all and actually taking the time to enjoy the mulled wine. Open one door a day and keep your heart in the spirit of the holidays.




Keep on top of what you’re spending and don’t forgot to buy an extra present for that person at work who thinks you’re better friends than you are. The gift spread delves in deeper to what you’re buying, by when (don’t get caught out by those last shipping dates) and if you’ve wrapped it yet. Plus this flamingo theme epitomises traditional Christmas.




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