Joyful Journaling for Uni: Simple Spreads to Stay Organised

Make the big move to university a little easier by planning ahead with some cute, creative journalling spreads. Great for getting excited about your new independent life, they’ll help to take the stress out of budgeting, meal planning and more. Although we’ve selected these prompts with students in mind, they can help to restore order to anyone’s week. 



What you’ll need... 

All the essential tools you need to create your ‘omg I’m a fresher’ journal pages include: 


Savings tracker

Going to university is probably the first time you’ll have to manage how to spend your money. You know, on things that aren’t so fun! To quote Destiny’s Child, bills, bills, bills will be rolling in all over the place. Juggling rent, food shopping and nights out can be tricky. Using this illustrated savings tracker, you can set yourself savings goals and visualise how much you’re saving. If the cactus isn’t filling up, you might want to swap your Ubers for night buses. Use the right side of the page to record how you can swap a more expensive activity for its cheaper counterpart! 

If you want more money-saving ideas, you may want to read up on our post about how to use a budget book too. 


Meal planner

Leaving behind mum or dads cooking can be heart breaking (depending on how good they are in the kitchen of course), but with this handy meal planner you’ll be able to write down all your favourite recipes. Great for helping you remember what to pick up from the shop. Using the sticky tabs, you can plan what you want, and when – without committing too much. After all, you never know when you’ll feel like going for a cheeky Nandos. 




Study tracker

No matter what course you’re studying, there will be lots to learn! This tracker is perfect for research, essays or inspiration. You can adapt the reading list spread to suit your course and help you stay motivated. Each time you finish a chapter fill in a box to mark your accomplishment. The habit tracker will help you to keep on top of all those self-love/life admin things that are just as important as reading those chapters. 



We’ve used one of our dotted notebooks to create these layouts but you can browse the whole Agenzio notebook collection here. To save these templates, all you’ll need to do is right click to save, or screenshot to use on your device. 


Templates-01 Templates-02 Templates-03 Templates-04 Templates-05 Templates-06

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