Deck the Halls! And walls, and doors and...

It’s about that time. Time to make your home all merry and bright for the festive season. Whether you stick to a strictly red and green colour scheme or like to switch it up year after year, we’ve got tips and tricks to give new life to old ornaments and inspire your best decorating yet. So, stick on the Bublé playlist, get your hot cocoa at the ready, and let’s untangle those twinkly lights!


 Traditional Christmas Tree

Above: Laura's traditional tree 


A rather retro Christmas

For those who love a little nostalgic touch to their festive look, a retro theme might be the one for you. And to help inspire your twinkling throwback look, we sat down with the wonderful Laura Davies (aka @leopard_print_stairs) to chat about how she creates a *drool-worthy* tree – just look at those baubles!


For this look: Build up your decorations over time

Laura’s all about being thoughtful with her approach to decorating (we can relate). And while she was once upon a time all about that matchy-matchy colour scheme, she’s now a lover of all things quirky and nostalgic. And it all started with one of our very own baubles... an alligator in a Hawaiian shirt to be exact.

Laura and her family have made a real tradition out of their festive decorating. Each year they pop into store to select another quirky bauble to add to their collection. For her, it’s all about making people smile and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

This year she has chosen a duck (her youngest collects rubber duckies), an arcade game (a throwback to her youth) and a bubble tea for her teenager. She explains “my daughters love getting the decorations out every year and reflecting on the stories behind them - that fun and nostalgia for me is what Christmas is all about.”


Some very special buables

Above: Some very special baubles


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Not only is this a more thoughtful and fun way to decorate (who doesn’t love having a good laugh over a quirky bauble) but it’s also a more sustainable approach to festive decor. There’s no need to go out and buy all-new decorations year after year. If you spend that extra little bit of time really thinking things through and choose meaningful baubles and stockings to hang, you’ll naturally save some pennies and limit the waste that comes with altering your decorating style every festive season.

Psst, making a tradition of buying a bauble is also a great gift idea for the sentimental folks among us, or those who may have limited space *cough* tiny flat *cough*.


Quirky baubles

Above: Laura's selection of quirky baubles


Quick Tip: Add handmade treasures to complete the look

Another way to ring in the celebrations with a touch of nostalgia is by adding handmade treasures to your tree or mantle. Whether it’s pulling out those paper mache baubles you created as a child (thanks for keeping them safe mum!) or busting out your own little one's angel tree-topper. You can even get your friends round, stick on The Holiday (who doesn’t love Jude Law?) and have a go at making some festive paper chains or origami tree decorations – a real blast from the past!


Christmas favours the BOLD 

There are some combinations that just always go together. Mince pies and mulled wine. Santa and his elves. Christmas and colour. After all, what better way to recapture that childhood sense of wonder than with a bright and bold nutcracker candelabra? A little pop of joy that’s sure to light up every room. Lucky for us, Florence – from @florisinaforest agrees. And has a few festive tips for re-creating her dreeeamy bold and bright holiday décor look. We think we’re in love!

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A colourful Christmas

Above: Florence's very colourful winter wonderland

Florence’s Décor Advice: The ombre pastel Christmas tree is so dreamy! I literally dreamt about it for a few days before I was able to put it up. If you're unsure about which colours of decorations to go for, the 50 pack of Candy Land Christmas Tree Baubles has three sizes of bauble in the same five colours as the tree so you can match branches to baubles, use contrasting colours or go for an all-over mixed colour effect!







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Some very colourful Christmas decorations

Above: Don't let a traditional colour palette hold you back 

Sometimes more is more...

Controversial, we know. But what is Christmas if not a time for extravagance? Although we love traditions just as much as the next person, there’s something truly joyful about reinventing the classic Christmas with an explosion of colour around your home for the holiday season. Whether that be with a bright pink reindeer or even a 5ft ombre pastel tree.

For those that tend to get overwhelmed by choice, you can always pick up a bauble pack or go a little crazy with some brilliantly bold tinsel (as long as you don’t mind doing the sweeping up come New Year). The real trick for ensuring this look has the WOW factor is committing to colour. It’s not enough to keep the colour contained to your tree.

Spread the joy and introduce pops of pink, blue and greens across your mantle, table and even your door. You will want to avoid anything looking too bare, as if the room is unfinished. Don’t worry though, committing to colour doesn’t have to be costly or laborious. A great way to get the look for less is by scouting for second-hand decorations, encouraging the little ones to get crafty or even buying a couple of inexpensive packs of candy canes to decorate with. This is an especially great idea if you’ll be hosting little ones (or those with a sweet tooth) on the big day.


Mini Christmas decorations

Above: It's all about those little touches...


A seriously sea-sonal choice

Speaking of committing to a theme...It seems we’re not the only ones who love a wonderfully wacky Christmas. Sophie (aka @towngirlcountrygirl) decorated her daughter’s room with a complete ‘under the sea’ theme, using our selection of so-fish-ticated baubles. 


 Shell Bauble

Above: Baubles that bring the WOW

Plan it out!

To help transform her daughter’s bedroom into a wonderland fit for a little mermaid, Sophie had to get creative: 

“I created this super fun little set up in the corner of my daughter's room using my handmade tulle coral reef as a fun backdrop.” 


Crab Bauble

Above: Check out our Hermit Crab Bauble!


We love any opportunity to get crafting (especially at Christmas), but it can be tricky to stay on top of all your projects at once. We recommend planning everything out in advance, to make sure you have the correct tools to get creative.  

In fact, it’s a good idea to remain organised in general, to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s finding that last special bauble or making sure you have an emergency backup gift in case you receive an unexpected pressie, it's best to be prepared. To help you keep on track with all your to-dos we recommend keeping a notebook by your side and get to list-making (if the kids are making one, why shouldn’t we?).  

However, if you consider yourself somewhat of a professional planner, you can check out our Candy Land Christmas Planner. It has all you need to keep you as organised as the big man himself! 

Christmas planner


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Sophie’s Extra Top Tip: If you’re decorating a small tree, tie your baubles directly onto the branch rather than letting them hang down, they’ll sit nice and tight and you won’t have lots of string on show! 


Feeling inspired? We would LOVE to see how you’re decorating this year. Tag us on Instagram @frompaperchase. Plus, if you want even more inspo check out our full range of decorations right here.

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