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Discovered by Paperchase is a handpicked collection of cards from a series of independent designers personally chosen by us. To show you why we love their work – and know that you will too – we’ve had a little behind-the-scenes chat with each of the greetings-card creators. Here we sit down with designer Hannah Marchant.  

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your cards?

My name is Hannah Marchant and I’m an artist, designer and printer from Somerset. I design a range of greeting cards that are a little bit different. They’re embedded with seeds which makes them the perfect eco-friendly solution to traditional paper cards. Once the recipient has displayed the card, they can plant it! I do vegetable, flower and herb seed cards.

Hannah Marchant

How did you get into making cards?

After graduating from university with a degree in printing, I spent several years working for a local printer where I learnt all about the processes involved. A family member asked me to create a special birthday card using my printing knowledge, and that’s when I got into making cards. 

The recipient really liked my creation, so I expanded to a full range of greeting cards. I eventually took the leap of starting my own business – called Hannah Marchant – and today I have a collection of more than 100 designs! 

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

I love to draw, and it’s amazing to see my cards come to life. I have full control over the creation process, from my pencil to the finished printed product, which is something I’m particularly proud of. 

What is it that makes cards special for you?

I love that they can cheer people up, congratulate someone, trigger a giggle, and communicate thoughtful messages. A little note shows someone you care that you're thinking of them, which is really special. 

Hannah Marchant studio

Who are Hannah Marchant cards made for?

I use recycled paper pulp embedded with seeds to make my cards. They’re completely compostable and, as they grow and blossom, echo the greetings and good wishes of the senders. They’re a permanent reminder of a lovely sentiment. My seed cards are perfect for anyone who cares about the environment and loves to garden! 

If you could send a card to anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

This is a tough one! My grandfather passed away before I started my business so I would like to send one to him as he was very supportive of my creative work. Or maybe the Queen, just because she’s the Queen! 


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