How to Practise Self-Care at Your Desk

Home working tips, they’re everywhere at the moment, right? Yet, whether you’re studying, working from home, or a freelance creative who spends a lot of time scribbling and doodling at their desk, it’s important to create an environment that’s happy, healthy, and sparks joy. If it doesn’t spark joy, then it’s time to fix it! 

If you’re anything like us, then you probably only practice self-care when you find yourself with a spare five minutes; sticking on a face mask, making a home-cooked meal, or a having good natter with a mate. But these aren’t the only ways to keep your mind happy and healthy! It only makes sense that the place you spend the most time should be a haven for your mental health. We’ve got some cracking home working tips that will teach you how to bring a little bit of happiness to that wonderful workspace of yours!  

Decorate your desk with art and plants

They say that home is where the heart is and you can’t spell heart without art. Being around prints, plants, postcards or photographs that make you smile will help make your desk feel a little bit more like ‘you’ which in turn makes you feel a little bit more at home in your workspace. Plants are also proven to enhance productivity and clean the air. These leafy friends of ours are a great desk buddy (plus they don’t talk back!) 

Make filing your best friend 

A clean desk = a clean mind. There is nothing worse than hundreds of papers and odd bits and bobs cluttering up your space. Treat yourself (and your mind) to some desk drawers, folders, and magazine files to make sure you can keep everything stored away where it needs to be. This also makes it much easier to find things and creates layers to your desk (and also room for more plants!). 

home working tips filing and storage

There’s nothing better than a new notebook... 

You can never have enough stationery. From pretty pens to new notebooks, they’re great to have around for impromptu meetings, taking notes, or just for passing the time with a little doodle! A desk full of stationery is a happy desk indeed. Start stacking colourful notebooks, pen pots full of inky goodness, and a diary so perfect that you’ll be completely organised for the next year.  

Snack it up, snack it in, let the snacking begin

We know that a good nibble is a necessity throughout the workday. Fill snack boxes with healthy snacks that are perfect for restoring energy and make the perfect pick-me-up. Fruit and nuts feed your brain, while chocolate and biscuits are a huge mood enhancer. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Keep a bottle of water nearby and stay sipping all day!  

Have a break, have a KitKat

Whether you’re a KitKat fan or not, it’s important to take a break for both your mind and your body. Have regular intervals where you get up and have a five-minute walk or stretch. It’s important to relax your eyes and flex your muscles. Try rolling your shoulders back for 15 seconds or stretching your arms above your head, interlocking your fingers, and rocking your body from left to right! Another way to take a break is by having a read or catching up on a show. This gives your mind a break and lets those cogs turn for themselves!  

Some home working tips from our friendly Paperchasers!

Joe – Stationery Trading Assistant

"My home working tips include only one thing, my most important rule: Make sure your dog (or cats!) bed is next to your desk so that they can always provide some much needed emotional support."

Sarah – Head of CRM & Multi-Channel Marketing

"I get set up for the day with a glass of water, a pencil case full of everything I might need (pens, lip balm, hand cream, etc.). I also pop my vase of fresh flowers on my desk next to me. It's a little treat to myself and brings a bit of the outside in! At the end of the day, I pack everything away into a box so my 'work' lounge becomes my 'home' lounge for the evening."Working from home

Wherever you’re working, make sure to make it into a nice environment to be in. After all, you have to spend most of your time there! Don’t forget to put your mental health first and always do what you love! 

We’d love to see pictures of your self-care desk area! Share your home working tips on Instagram and Twitter, tag us at @frompaperchase 

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