Master Every Goal: How to Create a Handy Habit Tracker in Your Journal

Are you constantly trying to drink more water, eat more greens or get up before 7am? Do you manage for a few days but then forget? We’ve all been there. It can be hard to pick up a new habit and actually stick to it. So, to help we thought we’d share one of our favourite spreads for your journal. Using one of our bestselling Agenzio notebooks we’ve created a goal tracker spread to help you achieve whatever you’ve got your sights on! 

If you’re a beginner, don’t get put off by how tricky this looks. It’s really, really easy, we promise! 

We used… 

Habit tracker

We decided to track our progress for 300 days (feel free to choose more or less time for your tracker), so we counted out 300 squares using the rainbow as a guide for the shape. You may have to add a few boxes here and there to make up the numbers. Draw around the edge of your 300 boxes with a really sharp pencil. Remember to press lightly. 

Next, grab your ruler and fineliner and draw all the vertical rows until you reach your pencil. To make sure you don’t smudge your lines, leave your ruler on the paper for a couple of seconds before moving on to the next line. 

Once you’ve completed all your vertical lines, you can work on the horizontals in the same way. It’s easier to go from top to bottom. 

Once you’ve drawn all your internal lines, draw around the edge to join them up. 

Your spread is now ready to use (yay). Just fill in a square each day that you manage to complete the habit that you’re tracking. 


Goal Tracker for your bullet journal


Goal breakdown

We added our rainbow paper to the other side of the page to make a paper door. Under the paper we wrote down a different way to help achieve the habit. For example, if you want to drink more water, the steps may include buying a reusable water bottle , swapping one of your daily coffees with a glass of water or making sure you keep some water by your bedside to sip on at night. 


Hot to meet your goals using your bullet journal


If you’ve been inspired to create your own rainbow goal tracker, we’d love to see it! Just tag us @frompaperchase. And for even more inspo on how to use our Agenzio notebooks for journaling, check out our other posts on creative journaling and journaling for better mental health. 

However, if you’d prefer not to start from scratch check out our range of ready-made journals for health, happiness, mindfulness, creativity and more. 

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