How to get Organised for Christmas

Divide and conquer Christmas.


We all know that one uber-organised person who starts planning next Christmas before the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, but for most (us included) the Christmas season is only just beginning. If you always find yourself in a bit of a tizzy with all the different things you have to think about over the holidays, then you’ll love our handy little Christmas planner featuring a festive Nutcracker design! It has 4 sections for gifts, cards, meal and notes to keep you organised and is waaaay cheaper than hiring a personal assistant.

Think we’re all talk? See for yourself.


Present shopping can be stressful at the best of times, but Christmas turns the dial up by around 3000 percent. Here’s the scenario: you’ve set off Christmas shopping without any clue what you’re going to buy your nearest and dearest. The horror! Well, luckily for you, this planner has a whole section dedicated to gift-giving so the cold sweat that accompanies a trip to the high street is a thing of the past. Name? Gift Idea? Budget? Wrapped? Delivered? Sorted!

At the back, there’s a whole two sheets of them so you can mark out every deadline through to the New Year on the month calendars supplied. Printed with message like ‘Buy wrap’, ‘Put up Christmas tree’ and ‘Start looking for a dress’ because you know you’re going to want to look drop dead at the work Christmas party. Sleigh gurl sleigh!

Online shopping is our fave – much less hassle. We order so much that we’re on a first name basis with our postie! Organised into useful Christmas gift idea categories, we’ve done the hard work for you. From gift for him and for her to Secret Santa and Stocking Filler suggestions, you’ll find something for all ages and budgets.


The ultimate social faux pas? Forgetting someone off your Christmas card list. They’d never let you live it down. Mum and dad (though we hope you don’t need a reminder for them), Great Aunt Marge and those family friends you never talk to in real life but exchange cards with every year, use this planner to store everyone’s addresses and contact details so they are to hand when you sit down to write. Available in packs or as singles, we recommend our charity Christmas cards.


Without a doubt, the crowning glory of the festive season is the dinner on Christmas Day. Whether it’s your first time hosting or you’re a seasoned pro, planning a meal of this magnitude can seem daunting, but finalising numbers and mapping out your timings ahead of schedule will make sure your kitchen runs like a military operation. There’s also a tear-away list pad with a matching pen so you’ve got somewhere to write your shopping lists.


What are you waiting for? Better get cracking. Pop over to our Christmas shop for the best selection of cards and gifts.

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