How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

2021 could be the one where new year actually means new you…

Use this resolution journal spread to make sure you keep on top of your goals and start (+ continue) being your biggest and best self


If one of your resolutions is to journal more, then this spread can help you tick two things off your list in just one brush of a pen. Title your resolutions 1,2,3,4… and split each one to create two columns. Keep your micro (smaller) tasks on the right side and your macro (bigger) goals on the left.



How to use your resolution spread…

Use your macro goals and micro tasks together to help you achieve your overarching resolution. For example, if your resolution is to be more organised, a micro task would be ‘write in my diary’ and a macro goal could be ‘always meet deadlines’. Micro tasks are really important to maintaining your resolution, breaking down what seems to be a huge and unachievable goal into small manageable chunks helps you psychologically keep track of your efforts.


 If your resolution is to be more healthy, micro tasks could be:

  • Buy a re-usable water bottle
  • Do one more day of exercise than you currently do
  • Pack your own lunch 3 times a week
  • Download a sleep tracker

All you need to get started on your creative journal is your favourite fineliner, some mutli-coloured brush pens, a dotted page journal and some fun washi tapes or stickers.


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Journal spread created by @pieceofmindjournal

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