How to make a Halloween bookmark

All you need to these super cute origami bookmarks is some paper, scissors, glue and of course a big imagination! We’ve made a bat in this example but how about making a pumpkin or Frankenstein?

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  1. First of all cut a square out of your paper measuring 12.5X12.5cm


2. Fold this square in half diagonally point to point to form a triangle


3. Take each point either end of the long edge and fold up into the centre



4. Unfold the folds that you have just made until you are left with a triangle again. Fold down the top layer only so that the top point touches the bottom edge.


5.By doing this you should have created a pocket, take the left hand point and tuck behind into the pocket


6.Do the same for the other side so that you are left with a square


7. Cut out some wings!


8. Stick the wings on and have a think about decoration!


9.You will now have your very own spooky Halloween bookmark!


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