Treasure Their Memories: How to Make a Kids Scrapbook

Kids grow up so fast these days. It seems like one moment you’re watching them take their first steps and the next, they’re about to graduate. It’s important to savour every special moment with your little one. That’s why we’ve teamed up with two amazing mums, Tia and Laura from Little Button Diaries to celebrate the art of scrapbooking. They will teach you how to create the perfect scrapbook layout (inspired by a day at the beach with their own kids), using a few simple techniques, helping you to capture the memories for years to come 

“Scrapbooking is a lovely way to document happy memories of time spent with your children. We used a summer’s day at the beach for our kids scrapbook as it made us smile and we wanted to remember it.”  

For this project we’ve used one of Paperchase’s classic Kraft scrapbooks. 

Before you begin, prepare all of your materials. 

What you’ll need... 

Next, choose your photos. We printed our own so we could play around with sizes and designs. We added a polaroid effect to them using Picasa (a free and easy-to-use photo editing software). In order to save on ink and photo paper, we printed low-res versions of the images in different sizes first, tried out various combinations on the page and then printed them properly. 

How to make a kids scrapbook

Step 1 

With your photos printed, arrange them on the page and select some scraps of coloured card. Lay them next to the photos and pick a selection of colours that work well with your photographs. Arrange the card and photos onto the page. Play around with them until you are happy – think about layering, angles, colours, spacing and any embellishments you want to add to the page. When you are happy with the layout, take a picture for reference in case you forget it! Stick the card down with glue dots. 

Arrange photos in scrapbook

Step 2

Attach the photos using photo corners and washi tape for the larger images. Tear the tape instead of cutting it if you want a more rustic finish. 

Add washi tape to scrapbook page

Step 3

For a bunting effect, take a teacup and place it over one of the pages’ top corners. Draw around it with a pencil. Cut some card scraps into 1cm triangles and glue them along the pencil line to create a string of bunting. 

Create a washi tape bunting design

Step 4

We used the same method to create a sun design on the opposite page, using a pencil to draw around a circular lid that measured about 3cm. Cut small triangles of different sizes from yellow card and glue them along the line. 

Make a sun from washi tape

Step 5

To create washi tape text, type out the word(s) you want, playing around with different fonts until you have something you like. Italics worked well for our design. Now simply print and cut out. 

Print out text

Step 6

Next, take a piece of card (a little bigger than the size of your printed text) and cover one side of it with strips of washi tape. If there are patterns on the tape, try to line these up for consistency. Take the cut-out text, reverse it and glue onto the back of the taped card. Now simply cut around the text (you’ll need a sharp pair of scissors), position on the page and glue it down. 

Cut text from washi tape

Step 7

Add in your memories under the photographs using silver ink. Write the text in pencil first, just in case you go a little wobbly or make a mistake! Rub out the pencil underneath when the ink is dry. 

Label photos on scrapbook layout

Step 8

Finally, embellish the pages with stickers, jewels, ribbons or collected treasures – whatever takes your fancy! 

Embellish scrapbook spread with stickers

Top tip: Don’t throw away any tickets from your days out – you can incorporate them into your scrapbook design. If you’ve been on a walk, why not take a flower home to press and include that too! 

Happy scrapbooking! 

Laura & Tia from Little Button Diaries  x 

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