Quick and Simple Crafts: How to Make a Paper Rose

Knowing how to craft the perfect paper rose is a life skill that will serve you from now until the end of time (we’re only half joking). Add it to a paper leaf wreath to add some contrasting colour or use them as stand-alone roses for cute table decorations. These pastel paper roses work perfectly at weddings and summer parties! We’ve made a simple how-to to explain the process in just 10 steps. 

While the roses can be a bit fiddly, once you’ve mastered the bend and fold, you’ll have it down. 


Tools you need to get started: 

To get started, you have to cut out all of your rose petals! You’ll need to cut: 

  • 6 of the Pink Petals 
  • 5 of the Yellow Petals 
  • 4 of the Blue Petals 
  • 9 of the Purple Petals 


    You can make your rose in any colour you like, this is just for reference!


    Petal Petal Template

    Once you’ve cut the petals out, you’re ready to start moulding, shaping and glueing the rose. 

    1. Starting with the smallest petal, roll the edges in on each other and then fold the bottom up. It should look like a little roll and be able to stand up on its own. Do the same with another petal and then glue one inside the other with your glue gun. 
    2. Continue in the same way with the remaining 4 petals and glue them around each other. 

      You’ve now made the inside / the bud of your rose – well done! 


      How to make your paper rose


      3. To mould the next set of petals (yellow), you’ll need to fold the top two corners back on the petal to make a kind of upside down V.

      4. Once you’ve done this, fold the bottom up into the petal.

      5. Use your fingers to mould the petals and to pop the paper outwards slightly.

      6. Using the glue gun, continue glueing these petals out and around the rose.

      7. Mould the next lot of petals (blue) in the same way and continue to glue them around – be careful, the glue gun can be really hot!


      How to make a paper rose


      8. Fold the last, larger (purple) petals in the same way.

      9. Continue to glue them around the rose – make sure that the curled part of the paper petal is facing downwards, not towards the petal.

      10. Once you’ve glued down all of you petals, you will have your first paper rose!


      Completed White Paper Rose for Weddings


      If you have a specific colour scheme for your wedding, you can try splattering your rose with a complementary colour using watercolours. This creates a lovely, speckled effect. 

      If you’re looking for inspiration for other wedding decorations to go with these paper roses then check out wedding collection. 


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