Savour Special Memories: How to Make a Travel Scrapbook

Fancy reliving those lovely memories, or want to distract yourself from those nasty post-holiday blues? Illustrator Katie Moody has got you covered! Here she shares her top tips for creating the perfect travel scrapbook.  

I love displaying my holiday memories, and with a travel scrapbook you can add more personal touches than a standard photo album. I’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial for creating a double-page layout and pulling all your travel photos and memories together. Once you’ve watched the video, move on to the instructions below where I’ll talk you through each step in more detail. 


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How to make your own travel scrapbook

Step 1: choose your photos

I like to have all the photos I plan to use in front of me and play about with them on the page. There are usually plenty to choose from as I take a lot of pictures on holiday. I tend to organise them into days or areas and keep them to a page each. For example, my trip to Rome spanned four days and I wanted to use this spread to showcase some photos from our activities on days one and two. I print out my photos at home and use Photoshop to resize them depending on what format looks best. 

Choose the photos for your travel scrapbook

Step two: add in layers

Layering adds an extra dimension to the page and is a great way to add other elements from your holiday. During my trip to Rome, I collected a lot of tickets and receipts that I used in my travel scrapbook to make it unique. For your layout, add some receipts, ticket stubs, business cards and even menus to the page as a base for your photos. 

It helps to stick to one colour so as not to distract from the images too much. For example, here I went with neutrals and whites (receipts, a metro ticket and pieces from the scrap pack) because I wanted the colour in the photo to really stand out. To stick these small mementos down, apply glue dots to the centre (on the back obviously). This makes it easy to slot extra pieces of paper or keepsakes in and out as you fiddle with the layout. 

Add layers to your spread

Step three: add extra elements

This is probably one of my favourite steps! Here you can have fun and go as wild as you like for your layout. I kept mine quite simple because I wanted to make sure I had a lot of space to write down memories of my holiday. I also love adding postcards to a layout: it can be an art piece like the quote I used or a postcard you picked up whilst on your trip. Use strips of card as simple labels and tags to make any memories or journal entries you write down stand out. 

Add extra elements to the page

Step four: use photo corners and decorate

Photo corners look great as a design element as well as being a great way to preserve your photos. Use them on each corner of your photos so they can be easily removed if you want to change things around. I also love using washi tape to decorate the pages in my travel scrapbook, and it’s a great adhesive too. I use it to stick down pieces of layering and draw the eye to the page. You can see I added a strip of arrow tape on the left-hand side of the page to highlight the writing under the photos. 

I also hinged my postcard onto the page using washi tape, which is a great way to add it to the page without having to glue it over something else. Plus, it gave me extra space to journal on and created a fun interactive piece on the page. 

Use photo corners and washi tape to decorate your travel scrapbook

Step 5: do some doodles for a rustic look

This one is totally optional, but I love using a pencil just to add little drawn elements to the page. I think it makes it feel much more personal to me and more handmade. I like to add freehand lines to write on and hand-draw the title as well. 

Draw details in pencil

Step 6: fill in the gaps and add the finishing touches

Finally, the most personal aspect of a travel scrapbook – add your memories! The best thing about your scrapbook pages is that they are yours. Write down your thoughts and the best parts of your holiday, like the best gelato you ate and how beautiful the scenery was. These things are so easy to forget as time goes by and your travel scrapbook is a wonderful way to keep the memories alive. Don’t forget to write the name of the place you went and the dates of your holiday too. 

Add finishing touches to your travel scrapbook

Scrapbooking is so unique to each person, but these steps are the fundamental basics I use when creating my own spreads. Keep it simple or go crazy with embellishment – whatever suits your style best! 

For more scrapbooking inspiration check out our how to scrapbook with kids post. 

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