Make your own flamingo pom pom Christmas card

Craft make by Emily Dawe

Ooooh, there are two things we love. One is making pom poms and two is making cards. Putting the two together really does become something quite magical.

Let’s show you how easy it is to make your own Christmas cards. You just make pom pom… and kids, just get yourselves a pom pom maker. We remember the days where we’d grab a cereal box, cut some rings and make a pom pom. It was soooo easy wasn’t it?

Wrong, we found it was actually quite hard. So, get a pom pom maker. Little vid below on how easy they are to use.

A flamingo is super-fun, with a festive hat on top. Or you really could create any animal, a snowman, a Brussel’s sprout, a reindeer. Whatever takes your festive fancy really. You only need draw the rest of your animal or character with some coloured pens, or coloured pencils – or cut some shapes from different coloured pieces of paper. So. Much. Fun!

We’ve got loads and loads of art gear, right here.

Here’s our lovely festive flamingo! Ain’t it handsome?


What will you create? Do share with us on our Instagram and tag us @frompaperchase to get a feature!


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