How To Wrap Your Gift Like An Easter Bunny

A few moments after the Christmas holidays have finished (or so it feels) the Easter break has begun. This super cute way of wrapping your gift boxes or Easter eggs transforms them easily and cheaply into a springtime bunny 🐰 Plus it’s a great craft to do with kids.


All you need for this hopping lovely wrapping hack is:


Tools you need for easter craft wrapping


First, take your box and measure it in the wrapping paper as if you were going to wrap it normally.

Cut the width as if you’re about to wrap it normally, but leave some excess paper on top.


Cut your paper to fit the box, but leave some excess on top


Draw a V onto your excess Kraft paper for the bunny ears. You can use a white colouring pencil or chalk. Make sure your wrapping paper is folded perfectly in half.


Cut a V in the top for bunny ears


Cut away the V to create the bunny ears.


Cut out the V


Start to wrap your gift box by taping the short sides to the box.


Start to wrap your presents, leaving the ears on top


Pull the bunny ears to meet each other and tie with twine.


Bring the ears together and tie up with twine


Add some double sided sticky tape to the back of the box and stick on your pom pom!


Add some double sided and stick on your pom pom


And voila, you have your fluffy bunny bum! We love seeing your crafting, so don’t forget to tag us @frompaperchase #frompaperchase

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