Agenzi-go! Relaunching the Agenzio Collection

Ah, October – a time of falling golden leaves, trick or treating and crisper morns. Yes, there’s plenty to love about this magical month, even more so for us with the all-singing relaunch of our reimaged Agenzio collection!

Over the past few weeks, our team have been all Agenzi-GO GO GO with all kinds of notebook, stationery and lifestyle accessory-ing F.U.N. And in true, Gossip Girl-style we thought we create our own journal entry of all the juicy things that went down – the thrills, the drama and all the wonderful bits between. (xoxo, Paperchase).

A space designed to inspire

The Agenzio Concept Store

In a little blank canvas space in Redchurch Street, sandwiched between independent creatives and beloved big brands (we’re coming back for our hand soap, Aesop) our creative cookies brought our story to life in the walls of a colourful concept store.

For the first week in October, we invited folks from all over London and beyond to come and dive into our curated collection of notebooks, pencil cases, water bottles, lunch accessories and more, and be wonderfully immersed in the world of Agenzio.

Agenzio Oval Pencil Case - Seafoam, £7.00 - Shop here

Agenzio 500ml Water Bottle - Seafoam, £20.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Metal Tiffin Lunch Box – Seafoam, £16.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Seafoam, £14.00 - Shop here

From colour matched manis with Nails By Mets, extra-special treats from beloved coffee makers GRIND and macarons by Mademoiselle Macaron; there was fun to be had in every corner. Not forgetting a guest appearance from the fabulous Jaqueline Bissett, who illustrated visitor’s portraits live in store, and our handy embossing machine allowing visitors to customise their Agenzio notebooks there and there. 

Ah what a week it was. A huge thank you to all who visited and shared their stories about how their Agenzio inspires them.

Missed your chance to visit? Take a tour of our store virtually here.

Look! We’re on a billboard

Agenzio on the tube

Did you see Agenzio on the tube? That’s right, our colourful notebooks were put into the spotlight at tube stations across London, as well as Manchester, and Birmingham and Glasgow.

The brilliant spectrum of covers was brought to life with CGI photography that showed the shade in all its glory, bringing brightness to the greyness of public city transport. Needless to say, our creative team were pleased as Punch (our fave Agenzio shade) to see their bright ideas out in the wild; as was our Copywriter’s mum, Lou Lou, who snapped *many* selfies with the ads.

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook – Punch, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio 10oz Travel Cup – Punch, £18.00 - Shop here


P.s. if you’re not sure which colourful cover is perfect for you, you can check out the ‘Agenzio Colourscope’ to find the colour that speaks to you.


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