Make Your own Halloween Treat Bags

Hello you lovely little pumpkin-pies! Who wants to learn how to make some creepy little treat bags for Halloween?

Read on… if you dare…


Materials List

Before you set off – print off this treat-bag-template, without it you will be lost in a forest of confusion, surrounded by shadowy trees resembling creepy hands, that appear to be reaching for your… Sorry, we got a bit carried away, but do print this off before you begin or you really will get into a pickle.

  1. Firstly, copy the template onto a sheet of card, make sure you copy all the dotted lines on the net, alternatively you could print the net directly onto coloured card. On the template we have made we have put the dimensions of the net we used.


2. Cut out template and all solid lines.


3. Next you will need to score along all the dotted lines, if young children are doing this then the end of a mechanical pencil without the lead out could be used or just a biro like in the image below. If adults are helping scissors could be used.


4. Once the lines have been scored you can then fold along them, fold all lines inwards towards you (apart from the triangle at the top, see diagram) when you put your box together you won’t see any of the guidelines as they will be on the inside. Once you have folded along all the lines your net should look like the picture below.



5. Hole punch along the top where the ribbon is going to be threaded through (Optional, you could always use washi tape to close treat bag)

6. Using black card or paper cut out the features you want for the treat bag, you could try doing a different face on each edge!

7. Then stick the card features onto the net whilst it is flat.


8. For the Frankenstein face you can draw on the inner eyes and teeth with a white pen, and draw the scar on his face with a black fine liner!

9. You can now start to construct the treat bag, you can use double sided sticky tape or glue. Start by gluing the side tab to make the box shape, then you can start sticking the four tabs along the bottom down, one on top of each other, the longest tab gets stuck down last, covering all the other tabs.

10. To finish the treat bags off you can thread ribbon through the two holes made earlier, or you could use washi tape. For the Frankenstein treat bag you could add bolts to the side of your box using the template below. Cut X4 in grey card and stick them together in pairs so you have 2 bolts, you can fold the tabs out in different directions so you can glue the bolts directly onto the box.

The finished treat bags!

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