Meet our Agenzio Ambassadors: Part 1

There’s undeniable magic in putting pen to paper – the spark of inspiration that comes from jotting it all down (especially in a trusty notebook).   

Whether it encourages you to finally commit to your passion project or excites you to get those to-dos done. Yes, we’re big believers. And, with that in mind, we’ve rallied some inspiring individuals to share their stories of how they harness the magic of pen and paper in their lives. We call them our Agenzio Seven, and it’s officially (drum roll, pleaaaaaaase) time to meet them!  

Each of the 7 Paperchasers chosen has a unique story to tell about their passions, professions and purposes, and how it all starts with their favourite notebook.   

From showing you how to craft the perfect story and learning to be more mindful to setting big goals for their side hustles, they’ll be inspiring us with their stories of creativity and persistence. And over the next few months, they’ll be sharing their lives (and notebooks) to show how all of us can find inspiration on the page.  

Just read on to say hello to the first four ambassadors and keep your eyes peeled for more of their incredible content, coming your way soon. 


Nicola (@shelf.conscious.nic)


Hey Nicola, can you tell us about your passions, professions and purposes?  

I absolutely love my job – I work in Internal Communications and Engagement for Lululemon. That means I'm responsible for ensuring that our employees stay informed and excited about what we’re doing as a business. I do believe that’s my calling! A big part of the role is writing – writing emails, stories for our intranet, scripts for our leaders and more. Hence my love for notebooks and all things stationery! 

In 2020 I created a ‘Bookstagram’ page where I review books and connect with other bookworms. It’s grown from a hobby in lockdown, to a following of 5.5k followers. I now also attend launch events and get sent books from publishers to review – the dream!  


What do you use your Agenzio for? 

There are three main ways I use my notebook: 

1) To plan my book reviews 

When I finish a book, the first thing I do is write down my thoughts in my Agenzio - to help me reflect, organise my thoughts, and formulate what I want to say about it in my reviews. It’s also a great way to track my reading. 


2) Journaling  

I’m really passionate about journaling and the benefits it can have on your mental health. I’m quite an anxious person, and journaling has really helped me – I’ve always got a notebook and pen next to my bed. 


3) For work 

I take all my notes at work in a notebook (I’m way more likely to remember it if I actually physically write it down!). If you’ve seen the ‘Little Miss To-Do Lists’ meme, then know that that’s an accurate description of me! Inside my work notebook, you’ll see to-do lists galore – there’s just something so satisfying about ticking them off! 


What are your fave Agenzio colours/patterns?   

I have (and love) the green daises print, but I also love the blush, seafoam and lavender. 



Rachel (@enchantedviolin) 



Hey there Rachel, what is it that you do for a living? 

I’m a trained screenwriter but right now I mostly illustrate and care for my mother. 


What are your other passions and purposes? 

This year I finally decided to start YouTube, so I’m trying to make an art/travel video once a week. I really love to travel, especially anywhere by the water and with good food (afternoon tea by the sea? Yes please). I also have a little side hustle for a Japanese new channel, however, my Japanese isn’t great, so I need to return to Japanese classes! 


What do you use your Agenzio for? 

Sketching out art ideas for projects I’m working on and planning for my social media accounts. Oh, and I’m also really keen to use it to have another go at bullet journaling. 



Rhiannon (@rhiannon_books) 



Hey Rhiannon, what are you using your Agenzio notebook for? 

I’m currently using my beautiful Agenzios to write my Unicow stories (I’m a children's book author). I love using the pages to doodle whatever comes to mind. 


Aside from our fab notebooks, what other Agenzio products do you love? 

I love the pencil case, it’s so handy! I even use it to store my toothbrush and other bits when I'm staying away for the night. The pastel colour pens & highlighters are also just the best things ever. I’ve got my eye on the travel cup and cutlery set next, perfect for those mad rushed meetings after a hectic school run. 


You can only pick one Agenzio colour, GO! 

Ahhh, I love all the Agenzio colours, but if I had to pick the colour that most suits my mood at the moment it would be Aubergine. 



Erica (@spanishandumbrellas) 



Hi Erica, tell us, what do you do for a living? 

I teach Spanish, French & German. 


What are your biggest dreams?   

I love being a teacher, despite all the hard work. However, in the future, I'd love to work part-time so that I could spend more time developing my website, recording videos for YouTube and doing all things social media.  


What do you use your Agenzio for? 

I use my Agenzio notebook to write down new ideas/goals related to my website as it helps me to keep organised and stay on top of things. I am relaunching my website so having everything in my notebook has really helped with deadlines and to-dos. 


To say hi to the final three ambassadors, just tap right here. 

We hoped you loved meeting our first-ever cohort of Agenzio ambassadors. We’re so excited to have them on board to show you how to unlock all the magic of your Agenzios. Curious about the collection? You can discover more here. 

Plus, make sure to keep your eyes peeled across our Insta (@frompaperchase), and blog to hear more from this lovely lot! 

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