Meet our Agenzio Ambassadors: Part 2

There’s undeniable magic in putting pen to paper – the spark of inspiration that comes from jotting it all down (especially in a trusty notebook).   

Whether it encourages you to finally commit to your passion project or excites you to get those to-dos done. Yes, we’re big believers. And, with that in mind, we’ve rallied some inspiring individuals to share their stories of how they harness the magic of pen and paper in their lives. We call them our Agenzio Seven, and it’s officially (drum roll, pleaaaaaaase) time to meet them!  

Each of the 7 Paperchasers chosen has a unique story to tell about their passions, professions and purposes, and how it all starts with their favourite notebook.   

From showing you how to craft the perfect story and learning to be more mindful to setting big goals for their side hustles, they’ll be inspiring us with their stories of creativity and persistence. And over the next few months, they’ll be sharing their lives (and notebooks) to show how all of us can find inspiration on the page.  

Just read on to say hello to the final three ambassadors and keep your eyes peeled for more of their incredible content, coming your way soon. Missed part one? Just tap right here to catch up. 


Millie (@fernhillstudio) 



Hey there Millie, can you tell us a little about what you do and what you’re passionate about? 

I’m a full-time year student at the University of Bath, studying for a master's in architecture. Alongside my studies, I’m a freelance architectural illustrator with Fern Hill Studio. I’ve only recently launched this business and aim to get a larger profile on social media to sell my prints. Some are also for sale in local gift shops in Cheshire/North Wales.  

Whilst at university, I also work part-time for a small conservation practice based in Cheshire. Conservation architecture is my passion and what I hope to do in the future! 


What do you use your Agenzio for? 

I use my notebooks to jot down quick ideas that I’ve had about a building concept or design. Often these need to be explored through sketching, so having a space where I can do this without the drawings being judged is so important. 


What are your fave Agenzio colours? 

Oh, it would have to be mustard, powder and oatmeal. 



Kadi (@itskadimusic) 



Kadi, what are your passions and purposes? 

I love to cook as a hobby, it’s very therapeutic and requires my whole attention from preparation to the finished meal. But song writing is my real passion. I rediscovered my love for it at 16 in college and I’ve been writing in that form ever since. My WHY is to lead with passion so together we can inspire. 


What do you use your Agenzio notebook for? 

I use my Agenzio to journal, come up with concepts and lyrics for my songs, work on other projects and also work on my bible study.  


How do you relax and unwind?  

To relax and unwind I like to go for walks, in Orpington we’re very lucky to have lovely woodlands that I’ve started to appreciate more, it's a beautiful place.  



Sharon (@sharonsibylgatt) 



Hey Sharon, tell us a little about yourself... 

I’m a graphic designer who loves visual storytelling. I’m very passionate about telling stories, whether it’s through my writing or filming. I also love history; fantasy books and I train in archery in my spare time. 


What do you use your Agenzio notebook for? 

I use it for writing my monthly monologues. It’s a new challenge that I’ve set myself in order to practice my writing and filmmaking. Whether it’s listing down words for inspiration, setting out the three-act structure, or collaging to help the creative juices flow: it’s a clear canvas, open to all possibilities! 


What is your biggest dream? 

I’ve written a script and would love to make the film one day! 


We hoped you loved meeting our first-ever cohort of Agenzio ambassadors. We’re so excited to have them on board to show you how to unlock all the magic of your Agenzios. Curious about the collection? You can discover more here. 

Plus, make sure to keep your eyes peeled across our Insta (@frompaperchase), and blog to hear more from this lovely lot! 

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