What’s inside our new Cotton Bags? Our planet-friendlier totes


Paperchase Cotton Bags

Our new Cotton Bags are our fun-filled answer to reusable shopping bags. Made from 100% recycled fabric, with designs that spread a little joy every day/stir serious shoulder envy, these sturdy and stylish shoppers were born to ensure people never leave their shopping bags under the sink again.




Spread Joy Large Eco Cotton Bag, £18.00 - Shop here

Good Day Large Eco Cotton Bag, £18.00 - Shop here

70s Sky Large Eco Cotton Bag, £18.00 - Shop here

But there’s more to these bags than cute designs. Each one has been crafted right here in the UK (in Lancashire, to be more specific) using a revolutionary new process called Recover ™. Thanks to this magical method:

  • Almost no water is used to make each bag.

  • Nearly zero CO2 emissions are generated during manufacturing.

  • No planet-harming dyes or chemicals are used.

  • No fabric was wasted – in fact, the shapes were specifically chosen to maximise the use of the fabric, and all cut-offs are reused.



How do I get my hands a Cotton Bag?

Those who spend £40 or more in-store will get one free with their purchase! Or you can buy them outright in-store or online – it’s tote-ally up to you.

Sustainability in the Bag

The bid to beat the use of plastic bags has been a battle faced by beloved shops around the world. With all our smaller bags already replaced with recyclable paper bags in-stores, and now this revolutionising of our reusable tote bags, we’re one step closer to cutting more of our CO2 emissions. In fact, with this change, we’re saving 423 tonnes of CO2 per year. (Gooo Cotton Bags!)
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