Mother's Day Quilling

Ah, Mother’s Day! You’ve got the gift, you’ve chosen the card and you’ve picked out the wrapping paper, but somehow… it just doesn’t feel personal enough. Fear not, we’ve got a nifty idea which you can make for Mummy Dearest and it involves the art of quilling.

So… what exactly is quilling? We said the same thing to our good friend and expert crafter & stylist Emily Dawe and so, she came up with this brilliant tutorial for us. Quilling, which is also known as paper filigree, is a form of art where you take strips of paper and roll, shape and glue them together to create a multitude of decorative designs. Emily has designed a heart – perfect for showing your Mum how much you love her, but once you know how it’s done, you can create any design you like.

Come on then… lets have some fun! Before you get too excited though, you’ll need the following items:

If you don’t have some of these items to hand, browse our range of crafting supplies.

Step 1

Either draw a heart shape freehand, or print one from your computer, and use to cut out a template from thin card. Position the template onto the centre of the foam board and draw round with a pencil.

Draw heart outline

Step 2

Mark 1.5cm down on opposite ends of a piece of thin card. Place your ruler onto the marks and use a sharp craft knife to cut a strip of paper. Cut strips from all of the different coloured card.

Cut strips of coloured card

Step 3

Take a strip of bright pink card and apply a little PVA glue to one edge, using a cocktail stick.

Glue edge of pink card

Step 4

Carefully place the pink strip of paper over the pencil-drawn heart. You will need to hold it in place for a few seconds so the glue adheres to the board.

Glue card strip to heart outline

Step 5

If your strip isn't long enough to go round the whole heart, simply stick another pink strip right up next to the first one and continue gluing round the edge until the whole heart is complete.

Complete heart outline

Step 6

To make a triple loop: cut a 4cm pale pink strip, a 6cm bright pink strip and an 8cm lilac strip. Apply a little glue to one end of the pale pink strip.

Make pink loops

Bend the strip over and pinch the two ends together.

Pinch ends together

Continue gluing and sticking the three strips, one over the other.

Join coloured cards strips together

Finally add a couple of mini pegs to hold them in place while the glue dries. Make seven all together. Once they are dry, position them onto the picture, three either side of the heart and keep one back for later.

Peg together and wait for glue to dry

Once they are dry, position them onto the picture, three either side of the heart and keep one back for later.

Position quills on picture

Step 7

To make a coil: Take a strip of paper and place a cocktail stick over one end, curl the paper round the stick and tuck the end under so it catches.

Make paper coils

Keeping your thumb and forefinger on the coil, start turning the cocktail stick round and round until you come to the end

Roll card around a cocktail stick

Then apply a little glue to secure it.

Apply glue to secure

Pinch it at just one end to create a petal shape. Make three of these.

Pinch to make petal shape

Step 8

Make three coils from green paper, glue the ends then pinch either side of the coil to create a leaf shape.

Make coils from green paper

Step 9

Continue making coils from the different coloured paper, stretching some out.

Making coils from different coloured paper

Step 10

Cut off some of the ends of paper to create to create loops of various sizes, start positioning them onto the picture.

Create different sized paper loops

Step 11 

Once you have a good selection of coils, petals, leaves and loops, position them onto the picture – but don't glue anything down just yet. Keep building up the design, coiling more if you need.

Position quills to picture

Adding a green leaf

Adding a yellow paper curl

Step 12

Once you are happy with the positioning, apply a little glue to the edges of the strips with a cocktail stick. You will probably find you can fit in a few more towards the end.

Apply glue to ends with cocktail stick

Positioning paper quills

Add finishing touches

Add the last paper quill

Hopefully, you’ll end up with something similar to this… we certainly hope so and if not, well… practice makes perfect! Yay!

Finished Mother

Thank you Emily for the wonderful tutorial and if you want to find out more about what Emily does, make sure to visit her website: Please share any makes with us and Emily on Instagram: @frompaperchase @editbyemily and tag us as we’d love to see what you create!

Project, instructions and photography: Emily Dawe

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