How to Make a Mother's Day Scrapbook

If you’re running out of original ideas on what to get your Mum (who deserves everything) for Mother’s Day, we’ve got a bright idea that will tick the keepsake box!

If you can’t bring yourself to give your Mum another candle, why not try giving her a scrapbook. If your Mum has always wanted to get into scrapbooking but says she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body, you can give her the gift of starting it off for her. Create a space where you can document your relationship through the years, instead of keeping memories trapped in the cloud.

All we’ve used to start off this scrapbook is:

We’ve started off the scrapbook, but Mum has the gift of finishing it. You could even gift her some nice papers, washi tapes and photos of the two of you.


Give Mum the gift of a scrapbook this Mother

Give Mum the gift of a scrapbook this Mother

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