Possible: The Causes Behind Our Christmas Cards

Behind our Charity Christmas Cards are nine incredible causes who spread a little joy in a big way to people in need. This year, £150,000 from the sales of our cards will go to these amazing charities, split equally between them to support the wonderful work they do. And in the season of giving, what could be more magical than getting to know these guys a better – learning how they give back, and how wishing your loved ones well this year will go even further than your nearest and dearest.  

We caught up with the lovely folks from Possible to learn all about what they’re doing to help fight against the climate crisis. To learn how you can help and why the work they are doing is so vital, read on. 


Q1. In a nutshell, what does Possible do? 

Possible inspires people in the UK to take the action the climate crisis demands. We engage the public in innovative climate solutions from putting trees in the ground, to getting cars off the road, and even empowering people to have a conversation about climate with their next- door neighbour. Together, we’re creating a zero- carbon society, built by everyone in Britain. 


Q2. When was it established and where do you operate? And is there a unique story about how and why it began? 

We were called 10:10 when we first launched in 2009. We fronted a campaign encouraging people, businesses and community groups to cut their carbon footprint by 10% in 2010. We’re now called Possible and have worked to put solar panels on schools, heat pumps underneath parks, and pop-up parklets in cities up and down the country. 



Q3. When people donate, where does their money go? 

When you donate to Possible you’re helping to get more people and politicians to increase their climate action. You are supporting removing the obstacles towards having onshore wind turbines in England (the cheapest and most popular form of energy), helping to bring a Fixing Factory to your high street or enabling communities to get together and plant thousands of hedges and trees. Whatever it is, your donation helps spark the action that the climate crisis demands. 

Q4. What has been one of the most significant/important projects you’ve seen your work aid? 

We’re proud of each and every action our supporters take to protect the climate, no matter how big or small.  

We do have a special place in our hearts for the amazing Ella, a 10-year-old girl who wanted to plant trees in her town, and didn’t stop until she had made her vision a reality. We helped her inspire towns up and down the country to become tree towns, and last year we planted over 20,000 trees with the help of volunteers across the UK.  

We also led the campaign for a world-first televised leaders climate debate in the 2019 general election which was screened live on Channel 4. It had a massive reach (and therefore, massive impact) as over 1 million people viewed the debate. 

Our Solar Schools programme saw 60,000 people helping 85 schools raise £723,000 and install 2,730 solar panels on their roofs. Over their lifespan, these solar panels will save schools about £1,000,000 on the cost of their bills - and the project has inspired many more schools to install solar in the UK and beyond. 


Q5. Which is your favourite of the 18 charity card designs?  

Our favourite charity card has to be the beautiful Rainbow Christmas Tree design. 


Q6. How would you like to leave this world a better place? What is your charity’s ULTIMATE legacy?  

Our ultimate legacy is to create a zero- carbon society built by everyone in Britain.  

That means we want to engage every single person in the country to make the changes necessary to see us challenge the effects of climate change, and make sure we end up with a cleaner, fairer future. And what a future that could be! 

Clean energy and lower bills. Fresh air and more green space. Cherishing our things rather than chucking them away. Time to connect with your community, relax with neighbours, and contribute to the things that really matter.  

There’s a beautiful world to be built, and we truly believe we can bring it to life. 


Q7. What can people do to play their part in helping fight climate change this Christmas?  

There are loads of opportunities to fight climate change at Christmas. Make your presents instead of buying them. Try a meatless Christmas feast, with local veggies. Rent your tree instead of buying a fresh one that will be thrown away.  

Perhaps most importantly of all, have conversations about the climate when you see your family, friends and colleagues over the festive season. You’ll be surprised by how many people are ready to talk and act.  

And once Christmas is out the way, there are New Year’s resolutions to make. Commit to a small habit, and make it stick. Walk to work. No dairy before dinner. Holiday in the UK for 2023. Whatever you can realistically do, it all makes an impact and inspires others.  


Q8. What does spreading a little joy in a big way mean to Possible?  

The thing to remember about climate action is that you’ll inspire the most people when you’re doing something you love.  

If you love baking, take some vegan cookies into the office. If you love gardening, make a new green space on your street to share with the neighbours. If you love being active, get on a bike and cut out the car.  

Climate change is terrifying, but taking climate action can be an absolute blast. Whatever it is you love, use it to take positive steps forward that also spread joy to those around you. 


We hope you enjoyed learning more about what Possible is doing to help fight the climate crisis. This is a topic we at Paperchase are really passionate about and have our own commitments to working towards a greener future, which you can read all about here. To support the amazing work that Possible is doing you can head to their website to donate or pick up one of our Charity Christmas Cards online or in-store 

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