Can You Recycle Your Christmas Wrapping Paper?

After months of preparation, 150 folded corners and a whole load of ribbon, you’ll have a stack of beautifully wrapped presents underneath the tree. Come 11am on Christmas morning, you’ll no doubt find your hard work strewn across the floor in various multi-coloured piles. Ensure your Christmas wrapping paper doesn’t get chucked straight into landfill and help it survive to wrap another day by throwing it in the recycling bin.

Facts first

ALL of our wrapping paper is sourced responsibly and FSC certified. And almost all of it (70% as it stands) is recyclable!

We have a great range of recyclable wrapping paper, so you can have beautifully wrapped presents and still be eco-friendly. All of these papers are printed on recycled paper AND can be recycled. Which ones your fave?


On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a present wrapped in paper that wasn’t made from trees.

12 Days of Christmas wrapping paper


We’ve got 3 great reasons why you shouldn’t keep your baubles confined to the tree.

1: Your cat can’t pull this off the tree

2: You don’t have to tie the strings on yourself

3: It’s wrapping paper that’s eco-friendly, recyclable and good for the planet

Christmas baubles wrapping paper

Celebrate the big mans 2018th birthday in style with the Oh Holy Night wrapping paper. It’s the second (or third) coming, as this paper used to be a notebook.

Jesus Christmas wrapping paper


LONDON LOVES… brunch, pubs & recycling? Sounds about right.

This iconic recyclable wrapping paper won’t last long in the history books, next year it could be the paper your fish and chips come in

London Christmas wrapping paper

Penguins are notorious for being the Emperor king of every party, but they take their environment pretty seriously. We’ve all seen Happy Feet. With this recycled / recyclable paper you can be the king of the party AND the planet.

Penguin christmas wrapping paper

The Scandi Wrap doesn’t include patterns of trees for nothing. None were harmed in the making of this paper as this classic gift wrap is made from recycled materials.

Scandi Christmas wrapping paper

To find our recyclable wrap in stores, look for the ‘YOU CAN RECYCLE ME’ sticker.

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