Reimagining the Classic Christmas

Who says Christmas should look a certain way? We think that the season of merriment is what you make it, and this year, we're all about making it yours. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to ditch mulled wine, mince pies and Mariah Carey anytime soon. But we do believe it’s time to shake up the Christmas traditions you know and introduce some new (and soon to be beloved) ones. Whether it’s with friends, chosen family or on your own, the yuletide season is about celebrating with who you want, however you want.

And, in the spirit of inspiring you to make your own choices, we've gathered a whole list of ways to make Christmas your own this season. Plus, keep an eye out for some little festive traditions enjoyed by the staff here at Paperchase!


Christmas, the way you want it

Hanging glass multicoloured baubles

The holiday season can be a trying time for all of us. It’s easy to get a bit down about the stereotypical perfect Christmas as for many, that’s far from reality. But there’s no better way to celebrate than with your creation of your own rituals and traditions to make the festive period exactly what you want it to be. Here are a few of our fave ideas...


Have yourself a merry little Friendsmas

Not going home for Christmas this year? Plan a fabulous Friendsmas with your chosen family and enjoy all your favourite foods and drinks in the very best company.

Come Dine With Me: Christmas Edition

Can’t stand the stress of cooking the whole Christmas feast shebang? Take a tip from our copywriter Charlotte and split up into teams to do a course each! (For added fun, you could even film the scoring of each course for that full Come Dine With Me magic).

The Great Christmas Cracker Crown Off

Part of a competitive family? Take a leaf our of our Trainee Buyer Rebecca’s book and have a bit of a competition on Christmas Day. See who can keep their paper crown from their Christmas cracker on the longest! Will it make it through the post-roast nap? After the games? Can someone sleep in it?


Get fabulously festive, with a twist!

Rockin’ around the rainbow tree

2ft Rainbow Christmas Tree, £12.00 - Shop here

Green, red and gold – the colours of Christmas gone by. Why not leave the classics in the past and try something a bit bolder this year. Introducing: RAINBOW MAXIMALISM! We’ve had a few years of uncertainty come December and so 2022 is the year for going all out. You can say goodbye to a classic green pine tree and say hello to trees that celebrate all the colours of the rainbow. Plus, you can take your decorating one step further with brightly coloured lights, garlands, and quirky baubles for a true more is more is so much more aesthetic. ‘Tis the season of joy, after all!

Multicoloured Christmas Tinsel Garland, £5.00 - Shop here

Nutcracker Candelabra Christmas Tree Decoration, £10.00 - Shop here


Prepare to wrap and roll

Continue the colourful festive fun with all our eye-catching wrapping paper designs – the perfect way to add personality to all your gifts whilst making a statement under the tree as well as on the branches.

"Each year, I select my own wrap and give it to my family. That way I know which gifts are mine and I know I’ll already like the paper!" - Frankie, Digital Commercial Executive

Revive the lost art of card giving

Innovation, pop-up and 3D Christmas cards

Greeting cards are a staple in the run-up to Christmas. Sending a yearly ‘hello’ to friends new and old brings warmth and comfort to the chillier months. However, it’s easy for cards to get lost in the festive shuffle which is where our innovation card range comes in.

Discover our all singing, all dancing cards sure to add some wonderful whimsy to all your nearest and dearest’s mantlepieces. Whether it’s performing nutcrackers or a cosy light-up fireplace, turn your greeting cards into part of the Christmas décor! Who said that the tree should get all the attention anyway?



Christmas Fireplace Innovation Card, £8.50 - Shop here

Pop Up Gingerbread House Card, £4.50 Shop here

Light Up Musical Singing Christmas Pudding Card, £8.50 Shop here

Pop Up Poinsettia Christmas Card, £6.50 Shop here


‘Tis the season for sustainability

Sustainability – the most important trend of 2022. And Christmas should be no different which is why we’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks to make the most wonderful time of the year green and gorgeous too. From avoiding overconsumption to recycling and reusing wrap in fun and inventive ways, now is the time to adapt your favourite traditions to be kinder to the planet.

Make it your own!

Got a creative side? Why not make your own origami Christmas decorations or DIY your greeting cards with recycled paper for festive details that are beautifully bespoke and sustainable.

"We cut our Christmas cards that we received that year to use as gift tags on our presents" - Debora, Senior Photograph Retoucher


Memories to last a lifetime

Christmas wrap accessories

The festive season is a natural time for reflection. From looking back on the year just gone to making plans for the year ahead, Christmas is the perfect time to appreciate all in life worth celebrating.

The event of the festive season

Introducing the memory box party – the perfect activity for the end of the year whether it’s with a close friend, partner or you’re going solo. Simply pick out a large box and fill it with notes, knick-knacks, and notable items from 2022 as a time capsule of the past 12 months. Not only is it a great tradition to start but it’s also a thoughtful gift to share with a loved one. Plus, if you’re a creative crafter, you could even make something to put in the box for an extra special touch.

"Every year, my nan knits everyone a chocolate orange cover based on what we’ve been into that year. We’ve had cameras, plants, football shirts and coffee cups – the perfect mementos to help us remember that year!" - Emily, Digital Commercial Executive


A new tradition

Rainbow bauble Christmas wreath

Christmas is all about ritual. But it’s also the perfect time of year to create new traditions to make this time of year wonderful, just how you like it. Whether it’s putting a new twist on an old classic or a starting something brand new, we hope we’ve inspired you to make Christmas 2022 your best Christmas ever.



And hey, if the traditions don’t live on next year, you’ve got a brand-new opportunity to try new and exciting things in 2023.

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