Scope: The Causes Behind Our Christmas Cards

Behind our Charity Christmas Cards are nine incredible causes who spread a little joy in a big way to people in need. This year, £150,000 from the sales of our cards will go to these amazing charities, split equally between them to support the wonderful work they do. And in the season of giving, what could be more magical than getting to know these guys a better – learning how they give back, and how wishing your loved ones well this year will go even further than your nearest and dearest.  


We caught up with the lovely folks from Scope to learn all about what they’re doing to support disabled people and their families. To learn how you can help and why the work they are doing is so vital, read on. 



Q1. In a nutshell, what does Scope do?

We’re the disability equality charity. We provide vital support services for disabled people, their families and carers. We also campaign relentlessly for a fairer society.

Q2. When was it established and where do you operate? And is there a unique story about how and why it began?

The charity was started in 1952 by a group of parents and social workers who wanted to ensure that their disabled children who had cerebral palsy had the right to a decent education and employment opportunities. Today we support all disabled people in England and Wales.

Q3. When people donate, where does their money go? 

Donations help us to run a number of great support services including our free Helpline, which provides expert advice and guidance for disabled people, seven days a week. Our range of family services are an absolute lifeline for parents with disabled children.


Q4. What has been one of the most significant/important projects you’ve seen your work aid?

Families with disabled children can often find themselves at breaking point. Our Sleep Right service helps parents to improve their child’s sleep. This ultimately benefits the entire family.


Q5. Which is your favourite of the 18 charity card designs?

All the cards conjure up the spirit of Christmas beautifully, but the Festive Dogs wins, paws down.

Q6. How would you like to leave this world a better place? What is your charity’s ULTIMATE legacy?

We want a society where all disabled people enjoy equality and fairness and one where we don’t need charities like Scope.

Q7. What can people do to play their part in helping ensure equality for disabled people, this Christmas?

We’d love people to not make assumptions just because someone doesn’t ‘look disabled’. We want everyone to enjoy Christmas.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about the incredible work that Scope do. To support their work you can head to their website to donate or pick up one of our Charity Christmas Cards online or in-store.

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