Our Staff go Shopping: Discover Their Top Picks!

We know there’s nothing better than popping into store to check out our latest collections and drool over our swoon-worthy collection of notebooks. But have you ever wondered who is behind each pretty pen and cute card? Well, our Head Office staff recently popped into store to see the products they’ve been working o worked on hit the shelves.  

We asked our staff in Head Office to pick out their favourite products in-store right now. Plus, some insight into what they do and what life in Paperchase HQ is really like… 



Tell us a bit about yourself

I work for the best team in the business, the stationery buying team! I look after life journals, diaries, organisers and assist with notebooks. I love what I do for many reasons, but mainly because I get to be creative (almost) every day coming up with some really fun products. 

You buy life journals, what is a life journal and which one are you currently coveting?

A journal is a notebook with a purpose so you could just buy a notebook and use it for whatever takes your fancy, but a journal is designed to guide you. There are prompts and little words of encouragement in all our journals so you can remember a holiday, learn to switch off, become a yoga pro or even just write millions of random lists! My personal favourite is the Me Journal it’s very random and just a fun way of looking at your life. 

We've been making stationery for 50 years, how do you keep coming up with new ideas for journals?

We always talk about random things in the office and end up thinking "hmmm there's a journal in that!". 

Ruled or plain?




Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Branch Senior Merchandiser, which means I look after the mix of stock in the stores, particularly in new stores, and also oversee E-Commerce and International merchandising. It’s a very broad role and there’s a lot of project work. I love this because it means that no two days are the same (and your feet rarely touch the ground!) 

What made you pick such a regal-looking notebook as your staff pick? Royal Wedding super-fan?   

I enjoy all weddings equally! But I love the excitement of living and working in London so I’m a fan of all our London ranges. I like the classic gold and kraft combination and the different paper types inside are also very handy. 

As you work in merchandising, we reckon you must have to be very organised. What stationery essentials can you not live without? 

I'd be lost without my Agenzio notebook, which gets me from meeting to meeting – I'm currently rocking a seasonal mint green edition. And a good fine point pen to give me a chance of keeping my scribbles legible!

What's the most random thing that's happened in the office since you started working here? 

Celebrities in the store are always fun occasions as our office is above the London Flagship. When Angelina Jolie was shopping the Art floor pretty much everyone in the office had their nose pressed against the windows!



Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm the assistant buyer for Accessories and Home, I love the atmosphere at Paperchase, working with a really creative team and having freedom when it comes to developing product and trying new things.

That's a pretty snazzy backpack you have their Alison, why did you choose it? 

Isn't it! This is a new shape for us this season, it's a great size and just really fun for summer!

You've already created a Unicorn backpack, what's the next trend in bags?

We’re seeing lots of really fun materials coming through as well as a huge trend for rainbow colours, we have some amazing bags for autumn in ombre furs and glitters! 

What's the funniest product sample you ever been sent by a supplier or seen on a buying trip?

It's got to be China dolls, a supplier thought they could be a new product area for us, we're not convinced.



Tell us a little bit about yourself 

So I've been at Paperchase for 5 years and my role here is to manage our web stock and make sure we have enough stock to meet customer demand. What I love about my job is when I first started at Paperchase our web business was relatively new and quite small. I've seen how our online business has changed, our Ecommerce sites are growing rapidly and it's an exciting time to be part of the team. I also love the people they make Paperchase a great place to work.

Tell us about your favourite piece from the 50/50 collection Emma? 

I would say the magazine file. I like the bold, bright colourful print, it's classic Paperchase!

As you also work in Merch, do you keep your whole life on spreadsheet, or are you a pen & paper girl?  

Definitely a spread sheet girl, I've got a habit for loosing things, so I know everything is safe and easily found if it's on the computer.

What's it like working with Matt? 

It's great, we work hard but try to still have fun. He has been my manager since I started at Paperchase which is handy as he's is the fountain of knowledge, when it comes to Paperchase. He's been here nearly 17 years!



Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m the Assistant Buyer for Wrap, which covers everything from sheets of wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes to jazzy finishing touches like bows, ribbons and trims! The best bit about my job is being creative – it actually feels like you’re getting a present every time you open up a sample box from a supplier to see how a new product has come out. 

What's your top wrap tip for those of us who literally can't even wrap a present for toffee?

I'll hold my hands up: I'm still a wrapping novice but I would say always clear an area and get yourself organised before wrapping anything. Otherwise you could end up cutting more than paper (something I learnt the hard way - bye bye headphones).

You go on lots of buying trips to all sorts of exotic locations for those who don't know what a buying trip is, what on earth happens when you are away?

Trade shows, comp shops, supplier meetings, product selections. It's really invaluable to us to see our suppliers face-to-face and visit their showrooms and factories, checking in on current projects and selecting products for future ones!

You've bought celebration products in the past, is life just one big party or what?


Discover more of our beloved products at paperchase.com or head to your local store.

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