Paperchase Charity Christmas Cards - The Stories Behind our Charities

Spread a little joy to your loved ones and beyond

Charity Christmas cards are a wonderful way of spreading festive cheer and channelling the Christmas spirit of goodwill. That’s why Paperchase partners with a hand-selected group of charities every year to create an exclusive collection of Charity Christmas Cards.

This year, we're donating £150,000, split equally our chosen charities, supported by our gorgeous Christmas cards  the perfect way to spread joy during the yuletide season. Read on to discover the stories behind our charities.


Who are our charity Christmas card partners?

Women's AidWe are a UK-based charity aiming to end domestic violence against women and children.

WaterAidWe're an international organisation focused on water, sanitation and hygiene.

Terrence Higgins TrustWe are a British charity that focuses on providing services and education related to HIV and sexual health.

Rainbow TrustWe provide emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life-threatening email.

MindWe focus on offering information and advice to people with mental health issues whilst lobbying the government and local authorities on their behalf.

PossibleWe enable people to take practical action on climate change combining local action with a more ambitious approach to impact every level of society.

Alzheimer's SocietyWe provide support to those affected by dementia joining forces with leading scientists and policy makers to amplify the voices of those in need to bring societal change.

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How do the funds raised by charity Christmas cards help your organisation?

Women's Aid: From funding lifesaving conversations on our helpline to training sessions for survivors to impactful campaigns, every donation helps women escape abuse.

WaterAid: We are always striving to be as cost effective as possible investing in both our current work and our ability to raise funds for the future. We spend 74p of every pound on delivering change with the other 26p helping our fundraising and governance.

Terrence Higgins Trust: Donations help fund our helpline provides essential support to nearly 20,0000 vulnerable people yearly and support people living through alleviating financial poverty and offering counselling. Plus, our Positive Voices programme aims to destigmatise HIV through speakers and talks.

Rainbow Trust: Our charity is focused on real people. That's why donations go towards funding specialist support workers to be a guidance for the whole family through a difficult time, whatever they need; for as long as they need.

Mind: Donations support us through an urgent time for those with mental health problems. We are facing a long-term mental health crisis due to the pandemic and are aiming to tackle this with helplines, workplace wellbeing programmes and support networks.

Possible: Each and every donation helps spark the action that the climate crisis demands. Whether it's the essential funds in lobbying the government or enabling communities to come together and help our planet through planting programmes, every action matters.

Alzheimer's Society: Donations help enable our research into care and cure for people living with dementia through support, training and campaigning. 

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Which card design is your favourite?

Women's Aid: The Festive Fireplace. It really captures the cosy warmth and security that everyone should feel at Christmas.

WaterAid: The Christmas Market. It symbolises the community spirit that can be harnessed in times of celebration whilst embodying our work in community hubs like markets. 

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Terrence Higgins Trust: We also love the Christmas Market. It captures the feeling of togetherness felt at Christmas - the fundamental essence of our charity.

Rainbow Trust: It has to be the Rainbow Tree!

Mind: It's so hard to choose! But what's not to love about the Festive Dogs wrapped up as presents? 

Possible: We can't pick one so we're picking three - the Rainbow Tree, the Christmas Market and the Pudding Snow Scene.

Alzheimer's Society: It's a real toss up between the Christmas Market and the London Christmas Scene - there's really a design for everyone!

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Support all of our wonderful charities this year with our range of Charity Christmas Cards from Paperchase, available online and in-store.

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