Teacher Gift Ideas: Lovely Ways to Say Thank You

It’s that time again! After a very unusual school year, the summer holidays are in sight and kids are preparing to say an emotional goodbye to their teachers. They’re always heroes in our eyes – but we think teachers deserve an extra big thank you this year! Many of them have put a lot of effort into long-distance lessons and helping parents with homeschooling, as well as taking care of key workers’ children. To help you show your appreciation for the kings and queens of the classroom, we’ve put together a list of teacher gift ideas we know they’ll love!

Teacher gift ideas


If there’s one thing we know about teachers, it’s that they love stationery! From fancy new pens and desk accessories to personalised notebooks and academic diaries, we’ve got lots of special stationery to choose from. You could go for one stand-out item or perhaps fill a pencil case with all of their favourite things!

Practical pieces

While chocolates, flowers and bottles of wine are great gifts, teachers often end up with a lot of them! So, why not get them something they’ll get lots of use out of instead? We can’t think of many teachers that wouldn’t appreciate a new lunch box, water bottle, coffee cup or umbrella. If you’re a teacher’s pet and know their style well, you could even get them a beautiful new bag!

Teacher gift ideas - eGift voucher

Home accessories

Being able to relax at home is important when you do a full-on job like teaching. We’re sure teachers would be delighted with something stylish for their sanctuary away from the classroom. Lovely little gifts for the home that are bound to go down a treat include scented candles, mugs and photo frames!

Gift voucher

Ah, the trusty gift voucher. You can always count on it to save the day! If you’re rushed for time or simply stuck for what to buy (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!), then fear not. Not only do our eGift vouchers go straight to the lucky recipient’s inbox, but we’ve made one just for teachers – so you can still feel like you’re giving them something special.

Now the perfect present is in the bag, make sure you get a thank you card to go with it. Top marks from us!

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