The Countdown to Christmas Checklist

How to get planned, prepped and ready for Christmas!

When should you start planning for Christmas? How to be stress-free for Christmas? What should you get fun Auntie Julie for Christmas? These are the sorts of things we're all wondering about right now.

Let’s not beat around the holly bush; organising a cracking Christmas is no mean feat. Plenty goes into the planning and prep to make it truly the most wonderful time of the year. And for many of us (us included), the idea of getting it all sorted by ourselves is a liiiiiittle daunting. So, to help you (and us) get through the tense parts into the magic, we enlisted the help of a genuine hostess with the mostest. The one who put the ‘fun’ in fundamental planning. A true queen of Christmas organising, lover of a special occasion, and often likened to ‘Pamela’ from Gavin and Stacey – our Copywriter’s mum, Lou Lou.

So, grab a tea – or something merrier – and dive into this countdown to Christmas planning guide with Lou Lou’s helpful hints and tips (taken from a series of voice notes sent in).

Psssst, we’ve also created a handy downloadable Christmas prep checklist for you to save on your phone or print out as you get ready for the celebration!


Let the planning fun begin!

Check List Pad

Budgets, lists and planning bits

Before you begin anything, it's time to get out your ultimate tool: your lists. It all starts with a budget, plan out all the things you expect to crop up cost-wise and note it down - this will help you plan how you can spread the cost. Then, it's onto the next biggest list: the food. Think about how you want your feast to be, and who will be eating it - one course? two? nut roast? turkey? Note out all the things you think you'll need (pssst don't forget the gravy and cranberry sauce!). 

If that has you breaking out in hives, fear not, there are plenty of Budget Planners, Organisers, Calendars, Bullet Journals and more that can help you organise your thoughts. 

Gather your non-perishables

We’re talking crisps, frozen party nibbles and all those lovely little bits for Christmas punch. Anything that has a best before long after December 25th, get it sorted and stowed away for the big day. Oh! And be sure to send a little note out to your guest list to confirm or deny any allergies or specific dietary requirements they may have.

Sort any spare furniture

If you’re playing host this Christmas, you might be entertaining for more than usual. If that’s the case, you might want to consider sending a cheeky text to a neighbour or friend to borrow some more chairs and tables or look into a short-term furniture rental service.

Book your Christmas shop

To meet the increasing demand for Christmassy goodies, many of the big supermarkets offer a food pre-ordering service to help you select what want ahead of time for easy pick up nearer to Christmas Day. It’s especially worth it for those EPIC party nibbles – cue fantasies of the camembert bread ring *drool*.

Get your gift list sorted

If you haven’t started thinking about it (or stuffing your Christmas drawer) already, now’s the time to start looking out for things you and your loved ones might like. Grab a pen and list pad and start noting it all down – that way, when things come up in the Black Friday Sales you’ll know what you’re looking for!

Lou Lou’s Festive Planning Tip #1: Getting things sorted earlier means you can budget and spread the cost over the weeks or months helps to lighten the load. It also keeps you ready for anything that comes up last minute (Oh! Jean’s card, ooops!).

Christmas planner


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 Cards? Check! Present list? Check! 

Pop up Christmas Cards

Cards, cards, cards

Whether you’ve got a list as long as your arm or just a few treasured recipients, getting your list of Christmas-cards-to-send is a good idea now. That way, you can have them ready to sit on their mantles for the whole of December. P.S. when it comes to parents or in-laws go BIG with a pop-up card, they’re worth their weight in gold in the family newsletter.

Lou Lou’s Festive Planning Tip #2: Write a list of Christmas card recipients and check it twice – we don’t want a repeat of last year’s forgotten neighbour incident (again, sorry Jean).

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Start present shopping

There’s no real hard and fast rule as to when to buy people’s pressies. Some will already have them all sorted, some won’t even think about it until the last minute. But doing it now means taking advantage of all the juicy deals – like Black Friday. (Stationery Advent Calendar, we’re coming for you!).



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Paperchase Christmas Decorations

Put up your tree

Whether decorating your Christmas tree solo or with a Christmas crew, gather all you need to make your tree shine! Lights, quirky tree decs, garlands – hey, even bows work! Add some tunes or wholesome festive films, and you’re on your way to making it the ho ho happiest year yet.

Lou Lou’s Festive Tip #3: Don’t overlook an artificial Christmas tree; if taken care of, they can last you for many Christmases to come. And remember, decorating is all about strategic placement, space out your baubles and bows and use your lights to break them up.

Deck the halls! And walls, and doors and...

‘Tis time to make your home all festive and make the most of your treasured decs for as long as acceptably possible. Inside décor? Check! Outdoor décor? Check!

Stuck on a Christmassy décor theme that’s not so samey samey? Dive into our decorating treasure trove (complete with underwater inspired decs and wonderfully wacky wonders) to fish out something totally unique. 


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‘Tis the season to be jolly well prepared

Last little bits of gift getting 

Grab anything you’ve forgotten or haven’t even thought about yet. (Ooooh! Jean’s Secret Santa!) Don’t forget to refer to your list from earlier (six weeks to go) to keep panic buying at bay.

Consider your Christmas table

The dining table is where most gather to share a fabulous feast – the place where polite chit-chat and memories are made – so it makes sense to make pay it a little more attention and dress it up. Think about what you might need. Candles? Crackers? An oversized pink deer? It’s yours for the tablescaping.

Lou Lou’s Festive Tip #4: I like to put little mini pressies on the Christmas table – silly little bits really; but it keeps guests blissfully unaware of the chaos in the kitchen behind the scenes!



Remember to have fa la la la fun when planning

Paperchase Christmas Nutcracker Bags
Pictured: Nutcracker Wrap Collection

Time to get things all wrapped up!

Get all your pressies lined up, pop on a heart-warming classic Christmas film, grab some funky (or traditional) wrapping paper, and let the wrapping begin. Don’t forget the finishing touches and tags.

Of course, if you’re less into wrapping (or your recipient isn’t all that moved by your folded corners and neat knots) you could always go with a classic bag or box and tissue paper combo – job done!

Lou Lou’s Festive Tip #5: I just LOVE wrapping the pressies in all-matchy match paper in the same silver-black theme as the tree! Of course, my daughter Charlotte always wraps hers in a garishly bright wrap to stick under the tree on Christmas Eve, just to wind me up.


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Plan some games for the big day

For the lull between feasting, it’s fun to have some games or activities ready to play. This could be your classic board game or beloved/dreaded participation sports like charades or Pictionary, ooor you might decide to create something all of your own; something that becomes a family tradition for years to come (did somebody say, ‘Nativity Karaoke?’).


It’s the little things that bring big JOY!

Fresh food shop o'clock! 

Sprouts, carrots, and all things…nice? It’s time to get all your fresh food bits sorted and stowed away. Pssst, do it as close to the big day as comfortably possible, and be sure to keep it all cool and fresh.

Wash the bedding for guests 

If folks are staying over – then you’re a saint for hosting – um, we mean…this is prime time to get the spare bedding smelling sweet for their arrival. Chocolates on the pillows are optional.

Add little extras around your home

If you’re one for going the extra extra mile, then there’s still some organising fun to be had. Create snack hampers for guests to dig into around the Christmas lunch; dress up a drinks trolley (or dedicated table); pin up some stockings with silly little stocking fillers. Anything to turn your space into a fun-filled grotto.

Lou Lou’s Festive Tip #6: We got gifted food hampers one year in these wicker baskets. Every year now I like to get them out and refill them with picky bits for people to nibble on whenever they fancy a little snack. After all, if you can’t feast at Christmas, when can you?!

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Here comes Santa Claus! And your loved ones

Make home extra cosy

Even though there’s still work to be done, getting into the festive spirit can help make the prep more pleasurable. So, light the cinnamon candles and turn on the twinkly lights to create a Christmassy atmosphere.

Lou Lou’s Festive Tips #7: When it comes to making your home feel festive, you can do a lot with some twinkly lights and nice-smelling candles. Turn the lights down low and let the glow warm up the atmosphere!


Prepare the feast

From the turkey to the trimmings, see what can be cooked or assembled ahead from your list of Christmas dinner prep. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow amidst the buzz of it all. Note: getting food prepped is all the sweeter while bopping to Mariah.

Create Christmas Eve boxes

Christmas Eve boxes are quickly becoming a new tradition. And for those who simply can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces, it’s a chance to deliver a little joy early. Grab a box (there are Christmas Eve boxes already fit for purpose out there), whimsical bag or Giant Felt Sleigh – it’s a thing – and add in some token bits for them to open the night before Christmas.

Get ready for Santa

Gather the kids (or kids at heart) and stick out the milk and cookies – whisky and cheese nibbles also work. Don’t forget carrots for the reindeer. 



It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmas!

Food glorious food

Get up a little (or a lot) early and start the Christmas cooking. Have your favourite recipes ready – and a set of elf ears too.

Finally: Let the magic sink in

Hurrah, hurray, you made it to Christmas Day! You’ve put so much into this special occasion, and you’re appreciated for it. Be sure to take some time out to enjoy yourself also.

Lou Lou’s Final Festive Tip: When you’re the one putting Christmas together for your loved ones, it’s easy to get swept up thinking you’ve got to ‘do it all’. But remember, even if things don’t go perfectly to plan, it’s all ok! Better than ok; It’s good! Any mishaps are just memories made later down the line.


No matter how or who you’re celebrating with, we believe in the magic of Christmas. It’s not about the big presents or stacks of gifts, it’s about the little things that spread A LOT of joy. The thoughtfully chosen card that makes them smile; the specifically chosen bow that they’ll treasure forever; or the quirky baked beans bauble (it’s a thing) that reminds you of them. So, head on over to our treasure trove of thoughtful little goodies that help you show you care.

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