The Ultimate Christmas Eve Checklist for Kids

There's something so magical about the night before Christmas. We all remember that mix of thrill and excitement that can barely be contained as you practically skip upstairs to bed taking one last look at the milk, cookies and carrots left out for Santa and his reindeer.

If you're blessed with young ones this Christmas Eve then you'll get to relive that feeling through them, even amongst all the last-minute present wrapping and cooking prep. We know how hard it can be to juggle it all, especially with little ones. That's why this Christmas we're taking on some of that load so you can get what you need done and still enjoy those magical Christmas Eve moments.

Write a letter to Santa

A Christmas Eve must, a letter to Santa is a great way to preoccupy the kids whilst you take a moment to sip on your morning brew and figure out what needs doing for the day. Whilst you write your to-do list encourage them to write a letter to Santa, including¦

  • A thank you for last Christmas and the Christmas to come
  • What they've done this year (accomplishments and comebacks)
  • What and who they're grateful for
  • One present they would like to see under the tree (or in their sack)

And finally, encourage their creative side by adding drawings, stickers and coloured pens! Our letter to Santa kit is the ideal accompaniment, along with our Christmas stamp set, making it easy to sign, seal and deliver.

No time like the Present

Last-minute wrapping is often more of a chore than a joy, as by this point you've probably wrapped one-too-many presents already and these last ones feel like time you just can't spare. We're here to fix that with a little positivity and some small, but eager, helping hands. Kids just want to be with you on Christmas Eve and vice-versa, so why not include them in some of your tasks? Get out the wrapping paper, put on some Christmas music and enjoy sharing the task together. Whilst their wrapping may not be as neat or precise as you would like, it's nothing a few gift wrap bows and trimmings can't fix. So wrap away!

Bake some Christmas treats

Now it's time to head to the kitchen and revel in the smell of freshly baked cookies or mince pies, your pick! Whilst getting the kids involved in preparing the Christmas lunch could be a step too far, baking on the other hand is a fun and easy alternative to get the kids involved in the kitchen. Gift them our Christmas Eve box to get their hands on their very own Christmas tree cookie cutter. Wrap up the resulting bakes to give to a friend or family member, or save them for the evening to have with some hot choccy!

Go on a Christmas Eve walk

Take your freshly baked goods with you to drop off at the neighbours or simply bring yourself and the kids and let the fresh winter air clear away the cobwebs. When you're stuck inside surrounded by Christmas decorations it's easy to dwell on all the busy Christmas prep. We promise that even a short walk outside on Christmas Eve is a great way to de-stress, clear the mind and spend some quality time as a family away from the madness. Take a deep breath, re-center and head back home with a new lease of life.

Get stuck into Christmas crafting

We have a range of Christmas craft activities perfect for keeping the little ones busy for an hour or two unsupervised. From making their own Christmas crackers to decorating a wooden tree decoration, these sets contain everything you need without having to dig around the house for odd bits and pieces to keep the kids preoccupied. Sit them down and set them one of these fun, crafty activities whilst you enjoy a moment of peace. Or, if you'd rather not miss out on the crafting fun, why not try scrapbooking? Share the therapeutic task of glueing and sticking with the kids as you look back on past Christmases. Keep as your very own journal of memories, or give away as a personalised gift!

Play Christmas games

Anyone with kids will know that peace and quiet only lasts so long, so when they're done with their crafting, get everyone together for a game or two. This could be anything from the classics like Charades and Who am I to more unconventional games like Squat a sprout and Christmas tree ring toss! Something for all the family to enjoy (and a great way to tire the kids out as day turns to evening).

Cosy up with a Christmas film

Get the jim-jams on, festive socks at the ready and a hot chocolate in hand as you all sit down to watch a family favourite Christmas film. This is a great way to prepare the kids for bed and wind down for the day whilst retaining all those festive feels.

Prepare for Santa's arrival

The last stop before bed is to get out your Christmas Eve plate and let the kids fill it with the traditional glass of milk and cookies for Santa and a couple of carrot sticks for the reindeer. This is a very important step that can't be missed! Christmas Eve is a long night for Santa and his reindeer which means they need plenty of fuel to keep them going and to make sure all the presents are delivered.

Read a Christmas classic

Christmas Eve excitement is hard to combat come bed time, which is why we recommend a bed-time story to settle down for the night. Our favourites include Michael Bond's Paddington and the Christmas Surprise and Raymond Briggs' Snowman classic. A lovely end to a wonderful Christmas Eve.


Our Dear Santa collection of Christmas Eve delights has now sold out but check back next Christmas.

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