Let the Kids Discover Their Love for Letter Writing This Half-Term

Time in child world moves much differently than what we, as grown-ups are used to. An hour can seem like a lifetime when bored. That’s why it can be so hard time keeping the little ones entertained during half-term. They may be missing their classroom buddies and frustrated with nothing to do.  A great way to solve both issues is to have them pick up a pen and start writing little letter to their pals. 


Our cute Fold and Sends encourage every child to get writing. It comes with fun stickers and can be folded to make its own envelope! Soon enough your young writer will be ready to keep all their friends up to date with their half-term adventurers. 


Writing letters with your kids


Aside from being a fun past-time, a calming (relatively clean) and distracting activity, there are countless other benefits that come with encouraging your child to write from a young age. Especially in the digital age, the benefits of spending some time away from the screen include improving communication skills, encouraging imagination and teaching word and letter structure. 


Unicorn writing set for kids


While you watch them scribble away, why don’t you try writing a letter to your child? This activity gives you time to reflect on how things have changed since you became a parent. This space to speak to your child is a valuable way to have an open conversation with them. That way, you’ll both be able to look back on it in the future. An added bonus of writing your own letter is that if your child sees you doing that, they will be more likely to do the same! 


Writing letters with unicorn letters sets for kids


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