How to Keep the Kids Entertained During the Holidays: Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great way to recreate and savour special memories. And it isn’t exclusively owned by ‘Pinterest worthy’ crafters. In fact, it’s a great way to inspire your kids to sit down at a table after a day of fun (and potentially chaos) and get creative. 

All the tools you need to get started can probably be found around your house. For instance, gather some colouring pencils and pens, a variety of papers, some scissors, glue, stickers and washi tape and chuck it all down on the table. Then you’ll need to pick up a fresh scrapbook. We think you’ll love our Kraft range as you can also personalise the front cover! 


A great way to start is by asking your child to introduce themselves! Dig out a few photos of them throughout their life so far and stick them down. It will be a lovely thing to look back on in years to come. 


Kids scrapbooking


After they’ve introduced themselves there are 101 things your kids might want to scrapbook about, so grab some coloured tapes, glue, pens, highlighters and let their imaginations run wild! 


A few scrapbook ideas we tried were...

Colouring in cards and sticking them in as positive quotes.

Doodle page scrapbooking


Collect things from your day

If you’re planning some fun-filled activity days for half term, collect some mementos on your day out.  You can then use them in the scrapbook to add texture and interest! If you have a Polaroid or instant printing camera you can use the photos from your day too. Using envelopes as scrapbook pockets is a really easy way to keep everything safe and secure. Upgrading your normal sticky tape to washi tape is the best way to keep the scrapbook decorative when sticking things down! 


Kid scrapbooking spread

Holiday Bucket List

You may also want to kick off half term with a fun ‘bucket list’ full of adventures to keep the kids busy. If they write each thing in a piece of paper, a post-it note or a tag they can put their ideas in the envelope and pull one out a day


Add tags to scrapbook


Add ins

Postcards are a fun (and affordable) way to add interest to your child’s scrapbook. Use them for inspiration and to help decorate the page.


Drawing rainbows in scrapbook


Hopefully, our scrapbooking guide for kids has inspired some fun ideas on how to keep your little rascals entertained on a rainy day!  We also have a tutorial on how to make a travel scrapbook if you fancy something a bit different. 

Don’t forget to show us the finished masterpiece by using the #frompaperchase tag on our socials. We can’t wait to see! 

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