Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide, According to Their Love Language

Love is (almost) in the air. While the overly romantic few may have no trouble planning the perfect date night to celebrate their love, most of us need a helping hand to find the perfect pressie for our loved ones. And this year we’re all about using love languages to help us out.  

Recognising your partner’s love language can really take the guesswork out of Valentine’s Day. There’s no need to splash out on a fancy restaurant if your special someone is more into cuddling up on the couch. Nor do you need to stress out about planning the perfect weekend when a small token of your love would be just as appreciated. (Cute little Valentine’s rubber duck) anyone? They’ll really get a kick (or splash) out of it. 


Valentine's Flat Lay 


Ok, but first: what are love languages? 

It seems that everyone’s talking about love languages right now. But what exactly are they? Well, put simply, they are the five languages used to describe how we ideally receive love from others. You may feel most loved when being cuddled (that’s ‘physical touch’) or when your special someone surprises you with breakfast in bed (aka ‘acts of service’). It can be useful to identify you and your partner’s or even your besties love languages to help understand how best to communicate and show your love to one another. 

So, let’s get to the goodies. 


Valentine's Gifts


Words of Affirmation  

How to spot: Expressing affection through words, praise or appreciation is the way to their heart. So, love notes, cute little random texts and compliments go down a treat with them. They are unafraid to let you know how they feel, and may have even been the first to say, ‘I love you’. 

They like to know where they stand and be told how you feel regularly. It’s great to compliment them in front of others and openly communicate your appreciation for the little things they do. Get creative for Valentine’s Day by filling a jar with loving messages, to be unwrapped on days when they’re feeling low. This is a sure way to show them just how much you care. 


Picks for them: 


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Pick up one of our swoon-worthy cards to fill with your messages of love. Or, if you sometimes struggle to find the words, let one of our all-singing, all-dancing cards help you make a big impression. For a little old-school romance, you can even leave a special message in our love letter in a bottle. 


Quality Time  

How to spot: Spending time together is the most important thing for them. It doesn’t matter so much what you do, as long as you’re together. Another tell-tale sign that your friend or partner’s love language is quality time is if they get annoyed if you check your phone when you’re out together. They will you give their full, undivided attention and expect you to do the same. 

If you go out of your way to schedule time together, and never miss a date night you’ll really make them feel special. Lots of eye contact and actively listening is the way to their heart. It should be pretty easy to organise a great Valentine’s date for them. Whether you go out or stay in, as long as you’re fully present during the time spent together, they’ll have a great time. 


Gifts they’ll love: 


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When selecting their gift, put some thought into what activities you like to do together. Do you cherish making memories and setting out on little adventures? A scrapbook highlighting key moments of your relationship so far will go down a treat. Or keep empty and fill it together over the upcoming year. If you’re a little bit more low-key as a couple, check out our adorable kissing mugs (perfect for a quality cuppa in bed together). 


Acts of Service  

How to spot: You’ll be able to tell if your partner or friend’s love language is acts of service because they’ll notice and appreciate the little things you do for them. Even if it’s something small, like bringing them coffee in the morning or cleaning up around the house. They also tend to perform acts of service for others too. So, if you find yourself noticing that they run errands for you when you’re stressed or bring you soup when you’re sick, this is why. 

It’s not so much about grand gestures with this group, but more about the little actions that let them know how much you love them. There’s nothing more romantic to them than having you waiting at the airport to pick them up. For a very special Valentine’s date night, surprise them with a home-cooked dinner. 


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A thoughtfully prepared, romantic picnic with delicious homemade treats stored safely in a beautiful, reusable lunch box will speak to their heart. Or even treat them to a new travel cup for their morning brew as you drop them off at work. 




How to spot: They’re the type to hang on to the little things you get for them and can probably remember every gift they received from those special people in their lives.   

Often misunderstood, if your friend or significant other’s love language is gifting that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re materialistic or shallow. For them, gifts are simply a physical representation of your love. And they don’t need to be expensive by any means. It’s more about the thought behind the gift and the time spent selecting something special. It’s that reminder that even when they weren’t there, you were still thinking of them.  

So, whether you treat them to a ‘just because' bunch of blooms or select something special from our picks below, it’s sure to go down a treat with this lovely lot. 


Gifts they’ll love: 

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No matter what gift you get this group – big or small, silly or serious – as long as it’s thoughtful, they’re sure to love it. For a guaranteed win, pick them up a matching stationery set in their favourite shade to accompany them to the office, classroom, and beyond. 



Physical Touch  

How to spot: They’re never one to shy away from a bit of PDA and love to pull their romantic partners in for random kisses. BIG huggers with friends, family and even new acquaintances, they always want to make others feel comforted.  

If this is their love language, they’re for sure the touchy-feely type. They just want to be close to their partner, literally. It’s not necessarily about being sensual, rather it’s all about feeling seen and safe. So, there’s nothing they love more than being greeted with a hug or pulled in for a kiss. A good night for them is snuggling up on the couch with someone they love. Not a bad way to spend Valentine’s if you ask us. 


Picks for them: 

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Go for a tried-and-true Valentine’s gift with this group – a plushy toy! Pick out the cutest one you can find for them to cuddle up with. Ideal for those moments when you can’t be by their side. 


We hope this guide has given you a little more insight into that special someone and helped you perfect your pressie for Valentine’s Day. If you do receive something special from Paperchase, don’t forget to share your snapshots with us on Insta (@frompaperchase). And, if you want even more inspo, you can check out our Valentine’s Day page right here for all you’ll need to make the day extra special. 


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