How to use Washi Tape to Jazz up Your Journal: Our Top Tips

It’s probably no surprise that we here at Paperchase HQ are all a bit obsessed with washi tapes. Not only are they a great way to jazz up your journal, but they can also help you to get organised. Who knew? (*ahem* us, we did). 

(If you’re wondering what on earth washi tape is then read our post about what is washi tape and how to use it first)!  

To share our washi-tape wisdom with you, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite ways to use it in a journal. As if we needed another excuse to add more rolls to our collection… 

All you’ll need is: 

To get started, simply scroll and let the washi tapes roll! 


A practical and pretty way to create spreads in your journal. Create lines, grids and boxes with a few strips of tape! 


Do you like to be able to easily and quickly flick to a certain section of your journal? Use washi tape to make handy tabs! Here’s how: 

  1. Take a piece of washi tape that’s roughly 5cm long and stick it to the edge of the page. If you want a wide tab, stick multiple pieces of tape next to each other.
  2. Fold the tape over on itself and stick it to the other side of the page. 
  3. Trim the tape down to your desired tab size.


    Still, working on your confidence with calligraphy? Not to worry! Create stand-out titles and headers by sticking a piece of coloured washi tape down and writing over it with a black marker. Simple yet effective – just how we like it! 


    Make your tracking spreads beautiful by using washi tapes to mark your progress. Give each of your habits or moods a colour or pattern and get tracking! 


    A good way to section off multiple pages of your journal is to apply coloured tape to the edge. Stick half of your washi tape strip to the edge of a page, then fold it over and stick it to the other side. Repeat on multiple pages to create a block of colour that can be seen even when your journal is closed. 


    Into colour coding? Using either the tabs or edges tip from above, assign a different colour or pattern of washi tape to each category for easy-to-use organisation. Here’s how to create your key page: 

    1. Take a piece of paper (it can be any size you’d like as long as it’s smaller than your journal page).
    2. Choose your washi tapes, then stick a swatch of each one along the left edge of the paper. 
    3. Label your categories.
    4. Apply a long strip of washi tape along the right edge of the paper, and stick it to the outer edge of the inside cover of your journal. 
    5. Apply another strip of washi tape to the other side of the paper to secure in place. Now your key page can handily fold in and out of the journal! 

      Decorative Details

      And of course, you can always use washi tape to decorate. It’s a great way to stick in fun postcards and pictures without the mess of glue or the damage (and plainness) of regular tape. 


      Want to see some of these tips in action? Check out our IGTV video on washi tape journal hacks here. And for a regular dose of inspo, follow us on Instagram @frompaperchase. 

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