Wedding Planning 101: Your Ultimate Checklist

They liked it, they put a ring on it! Now the real hard work begins. But don’t fret, we’re on hand to help! We’ve got a super comprehensive checklist of things you’ll need for your big day. Some may seem obvious, but when you’re dreaming of the wedding cake, the invites and the photography all night long, it’s likely something will be forgotten. So to reassure you along the way, we’ve put together a wedding checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly. It may also be a good idea to invest in one of our wedding planner to keep all the details in one place. 


The proposal has happened, everyone said yes and all parties are overjoyed. So now the planning begins! First things first, decide who you want to be involved in your wedding. If you’re having a traditional wedding, it’s time to choose which of your friends will make up the wedding party. 

☐ Maid of honour 

☐ Best man 

☐ Bridesmaids 

☐ Ushers 

☐ Witnesses 

☐ Pageboys & flower girls 



    The venue is one of the most important parts of your wedding. Regardless of whether you’re throwing a bohemian bash, a more traditional wedding or going a little more casual, the venue is what sets the scene for your day and dictates the tone. 

    ☐ Date 

    ☐ Ceremony venue 

    ☐ Time 

    ☐ Reception venue 

    ☐ Time 



      The wedmin is an essential part of the collaborative planning process. If you’re accepting RSVPs via email, it can be helpful to set up an email address that both you and your partner can access to keep on top of things. It can also be useful for contacting suppliers. On that note, we all know no matter what your budget is, weddings cost £££. If you open a second bank account, you can keep track of what’s going in and out, or if you find writing it down helps use a wedding budget book. 

      ☐ Wedding email 

      ☐ Wedding bank account 

      ☐ Wedding insurance (we know, it’s annoying. But you need it) 



        When deciding on who you want to invite to your wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. Think about the size and scale of your big day. How many people can fit in your venue, do you want to keep your wedding small and intimate or are you going big? Are you keeping it just close friends and family, or do you want everyone to be there? Either way, time to start jotting names down. 

        ☐ Make a list of who you’re inviting! 

        ☐ Take note of their contact details. 

        ☐ Are you sending save the dates? 

        ☐ Decide on the wording 

        ☐ Post them out to your guests 



          We have more detail on how to budget, but if you want a top-line checklist specifically for weddings, we’ve got it. 

          Allocating a budget 

          ☐ Contributions 

          ☐ Savings 

          ☐ Amount to save 

          ☐ Total budget 


            ☐ Venue 



            ☐ Transport 

            ☐ Accommodation 

            ☐ Clothing & beauty 

            ☐ Rings 


            ☐ Food & drink 

            ☐ Flowers 

            ☐ Decorations 

            ☐ Music & entertainment 

            ☐ Photographer & videographer 

            ☐ Wedding cake 


              The finer details

              Let’s move on to the actual ceremony. How do you want your day to go? Are you combining traditions? Do you have friends you want to be involved in the ceremony? Who do you want to officiate? 

              ☐ Date 

              ☐ Time 

              ☐ Location 

              ☐ Celebrant’s details 

              ☐ Witnesses 

              ☐ Readers 

              ☐ Music 

              Guest book 

              Seating plans 

              ☐ Order of service wording 

              ☐ Photographer shot list 

              ☐ Videographer shot list 


                The after party

                Isn’t the only reason people get married for the honeymoon? Oh, no? Ok. Just me! The world is your oyster, you want it to be a time to remember, so how do you decide where to go? 

                ☐ Honeymoon must-haves (culture, beach etc) 

                ☐ Dates 

                ☐ Flights 

                ☐ Accommodations 

                ☐ Visas 



                  Wedding outfits! It’s a time of many celebrations, which means it’s The perfect excuse to buy a new outfit! 

                  ☐ Engagement party 

                  Hen party

                  ☐ The night before the wedding 

                  ☐ Breakfast 

                  ☐ On the day 

                  ☐ Evening 

                  ☐ Honeymoon 

                  ☐ Guest outfits 


                    Call list

                    Take the stress out of the day and make sure everything runs smoothly by planning it out step by step. When do you want certain events to happen? Where will people sit? Use this handy guide to help you. 

                    ☐ Seating plan 

                    ☐ Arrival drinks 

                    ☐ Ceremony 

                    ☐ Speeches 

                    ☐ Toast 

                    ☐ Cutting the cake 

                    ☐ Meal 

                    ☐ Entertainment 

                    ☐ First dance 

                    ☐ Evening guest 


                      Do you want to thank the people who took part in your special day?  

                      ☐ Guest gifts 

                      Thank you cards 

                      If you’ve managed to tick all of these things off, it seems like you’re pretty sorted. Time to put your feet up, relax and take a sip of champagne (you deserve it)! 

                      We would love to see how you plan. Tag us @frompaperchase to share your wedding planning with us! You can shop the full Paperchase wedding range here. 

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