A Perfectly Christmassy Quiz: Which Brilliant Bauble Are You?

The countdown is officially on, and Santa is, soon to be, coming to town. (SANTAAAAAAAAA!) To get you in the mood to start decorating we’ve crafted a very important, super serious test to help you find just the right bauble for you – cue flashbacks to filling out Pop mag’s ‘who am I?’ quizzes. So, make yourself a brew, open today's date on your advent calendar and get started to find out what weird and wonderful dec suits you down to the ground.

Pssst, note your answers in your fave notebook as you go and total up your mostlys at the end.


What song has you rockin’ around the Christmas tree? 

A. ‘Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses 
B. ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ – Mariah Carey
C. ‘White Christmas’ – Bing Crosby
D. ‘Fairytale of New York’ Pogues ft Kirsty Maccoll


    Your fave festive colour palette... 
      A. Anything bright and bold! (you’d love our Candy Land collection)
      B. Silver and gold
      C. Red and green, why mess with perfection?
      D. Whatever I can get my hands on, I’m not fussy


        What kind of Christmas jumper takes your fancy this year? 
          A. One that lights up (and preferably sings)
          B. Something stylish, with subtle nods to the festive season
          C. One with a festive character front and centre – à la Mark Darcy
          D. I have nightmares about Christmas jumpers, so no thanks


            On Christmas Eve you can be found... 
              A. Braving the shops for last-minute pressies, I thrive on the manic energy
              B. Getting ready to hit up that friend of a friend’s holiday party
              C. Snuggled up on the couch, watching something festive with hot chocolate in hand
              D. Doing anything to avoid the crowds, I refuse to step even a foot outside


                Your ultimate Christmas sin is... 
                  A. A tree that’s too well decorated (It’s always personality over polish for me)
                  B. Turning down an invite. But, baby, it’s cold outside?
                  C. Badly wrapped pressies – it’s a crime, not a sin for me
                  D. Christmas jumpers *shudder*


                    Your favourite part of Christmas is... 

                      A. The food!
                      B. Making use of the time at home by catching up with family and friends
                      C. Gathering around the tree after dinner, with something fun on the TV
                      D. Hiding till it’s over

                      If you were Santa for a day, what would you put in everyone’s stockings? 

                        A. A hilarious little decoration, probably relating to an inside joke *hehe aubergine decoration*
                        B. Deluxe chocolates from Switzerland
                        C. A great game to play with the family after Christmas dinner
                        D. Coal or, if I’m feeling generous, an orange

                        Who is your favourite Love Actually character? 

                          A. Billy Mack all the way!
                          B. The Prime Minister
                          C. Rufus (aka Rowan Atkinson)
                          D. Harry *bah humbug. (Alan forever <3)

                          What is your must-watch TV Christmas special? 

                            A. Gavin and Stacey
                            B. Friends: The One with the Holiday Armadillo 
                            C. The Snowman, every year without fail!
                            D. Don’t care, I just watch whatever’s on



                            And now for the results... 



                            Mostly As: The Joker 

                            Above: You're so Aubergine
                            Truly the life and soul of the party, everyone loves to see you landing at the door, loaded up with more gifts than Santa himself. Lover of an inside joke and a glass of bubbly on Christmas Eve, you likely have a job the older members of your family don’t fully understand – probably in marketing.
                            Most likely to: Be the first to get your hands on the crackers and you’ll be rocking that little paper hat all of Christmas Day! 
                            Fave festive flick: A big kid at heart, it’s Home Alone all the way. 
                            More for The Joker...

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                            Mostly Bs: The Socialite 

                            Passionfruit Martini
                            Above: Your number one? Passionfruit Martini of course!
                            Boujie to the core and you know it. Your contribution to the tree is as chic and sophisticated as you are. A lover of the finer things in life, you can always be relied upon to make a fab charcuterie board. However, you’ll probably whip up that exotic new recipe you picked up on your travels, “from this dahlinggg little restaurant in the foothills of Peru dear, you’ll love it!” 
                            Most likely to: Be found by the tree arranging presents, cocktail in hand. 
                            Fave festive flick: It’s either The Holiday (you're such an Amanda) or a classic like White Christmas. 
                            More for The Socialite...

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                            Mostly Cs: The Traditionalist 


                            Resolution Bauble

                            Above: Our Resolution Bauble is the one for you

                            Santa’s No.1 fan, and not afraid to let everyone know. You’re the sentimental type who just wants everyone to have a good time and will likely rope others into a matching PJ set come Christmas Eve. Although others may roll their eyes at your enthusiastic manifestations for 2023, they’d be lost without you. You make everyone else’s Christmas extra special, and they know it. 
                            Most likely to: Start planning come November 1st and have the holiday tunes blasting long before anyone else. How long has your tree been up exactly? 
                            Fave festive flick: You tell everyone It's a Wonderful Life is your holiday go-to, but we all know it’s The Santa Clause. You have a thing for Bernard, and that’s ok. 
                            More for The Traditionalist...

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                            Mostly Ds: The Grinch 

                            Baked Beans Bauble

                            Above: Beans on Toast is your festive go-to

                            There’s always one. You may not shout ‘bah humbug’ out the window or be tempted to pelt carollers with snowballs, but you secretly can’t wait till everything returns to normal. That’s why you go out of your way to avoid the fuss. Even Christmas foods can be a little too rich for your stomach, you want to keep things simple...like beans on toast. 
                            Most likely to: Head to bed early with a ‘headache’ – code for, “Please don’t bother me; I need to recharge before I can handle any more Michael Bublé”. 
                            Fave festive flick: I’ll give you two guesses...though you turn it off halfway through, before his heart grows three sizes. 
                            More for The Grinch... 


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                            Surprised by your result, or did we get it spot on? Let us know by screenshotting and tagging us (psst, it’s @frompaperchase) in your stories on social. To discover our full treasure trove of weird and wonderful decorations, shop our full Christmas shop here. 


                            Merry Christmas from all of us at Paperchase! 

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