What to Write in a Father’s Day Card

Stuck for what to write in your Father's Day card? We get it. It can be hard to strike the right balance for someone so special in your life. Do you go serious? Heart-warming? Funny? There are so many ways to go, each as important and fun as the last. Here at Paperchase, we've done the guesswork for you and compiled a list of everything you could ever want to write in a Father’s Day card.

Funny Father's Day card ideas

  • Well done Dad. I really am great.
  • Here's hoping your Father's Day is as fun as your life was before you had kids.
  • I was going to get you a really great Father's Day gift but then I remembered you already had me! You're welcome.
  • Congratulations! You're one of my favourite parents. Happy Father's Day!
  • I probably wouldn't trade you for anything, though, I haven't been offered anything yet. We'll see.
  • Happy Father's Day! As a thank you for being such a great dad, I’ve decided to let you choose what nursing home you go into when you're older.
  • Happy Father's Day! I know I still owe you that tenner, but let's face it; you're never getting it back.
  • Please accept this Father's Day card as a token of my poverty.

Thoughtful Father's Day card ideas

  • Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone as special as you to be a dad.
  • Thank you for picking me up when I fall over, kissing my scraped knees, healing my many a broken heart, and always being the most important man in my life. Love you Dad.
  • Dad, I'll always look up to you no matter how tall I may grow.
  • Thank you for always believing in my dreams and talents. I can't imagine where I'd be without you.
  • To the world's greatest dad, from the world's greatest child.
  • I can't imagine what my life would be like without you being my dad.
  • I used to worry about turning into my parents but now I hope I do!
  • Thank you for being my role model, teacher, inspiration, and the best dad a kid could ask for.

Father's Day card ideas for Grandad

  • Remember, only the very best dads are promoted to Grandad!
  • You're like a fine wine, Grandad – perfectly aged and limited edition!
  • Thank you for always being there with your bad jokes, pockets full of sweets, and life lessons that have helped me no end.
  • Happy Father's Day to a grand father indeed!
  • Not only did you raise a wonderful [daughter/son], but you also helped to raise a pretty amazing grandchild!
  • Thank you for being the world's best grandad!
  • Everyone likes to think that they have the best grandad ever but there can only be one, and that's you!
  • Father's Day wouldn't be what it is without you! I love you!

Father's Day card ideas for someone like a dad

  • There's nobody quite like you. I'm so thankful that you've always been there to look after me.
  • Being a good parent requires kindness, patience, and a big dose of love – it doesn't require DNA.
  • Father's Day isn't just for biological dads. It's for people like you, too.
  • You don't have to be a man, a dad, or family to be celebrated today. Thank you for raising me like I was your own.
  • Without your influence and love, I wouldn't be half the person I am today.
  • You're my mum and my dad all in one and I've never wanted anything else. Thank you.
  • You took me in and made me your own and for that, you deserve all the thanks in the world.
  • A Father's Day card for someone who's been just like a dad to me. Sending you lots of love.


Father's Day doesn't just have to be for dads. It's for the ones who raised you, made you into a better person, and influenced you to be more and more you. Make sure to spend Father's Day with the ones you love and show them a bit of appreciation. We all know they deserve it.

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