What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book: Craft the Perfect Message

So, you’ve been invited to a wedding, huh? We get it, you have lots to worry about! What will you wear? Will there be a free bar? Who’s going to be my plus one? The questions are probably racing around your head at 300 miles per hour. There’s one thing that you’ve forgotten though: what will you write in the guest book? We can’t all be poets, comedians or professional speechwriters – but we can all take a little creative inspiration from this compilation of wedding guest book ideas. Whatever your style, and whatever your relation to the bride or groom, we’ve got you covered.  

Keep it casual  

Perhaps getting terribly soppy isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re just a plus one and don’t have the foggiest clue who the newlyweds are. Possibly, you just want to play it cool. Either way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with writing a casual message inside a wedding guest book. 

  • So happy for the both of you, congratulations newlyweds! 
  • Best wishes on all of your future adventures.  
  • Sending you so many hugs and kisses.  
  • Congratulations on your special day! 
  • I’m so glad I got the chance to celebrate this wonderful day with you both!  

    Wedding guest book ideas

    Give Romeo a run for his money…

    Sometimes, you've got to pile on the sap. It's what weddings are all about, after all! Writing something romantic and totally wholesome is sure to tickle the bride and groom’s fancy. Talk about love, spill it all out and get ready to make some newlyweds cry (in a nice way!).

    • May your love last a whole lifetime.
    • Seeing you both together makes me realise what love is all about.
    • From this moment on you'll always have someone to fight your corner, hold your hand, sing your praises and kiss the pain away.
    • You're about to embark on the most wonderful adventure together. I hope it's truly magical.
    • I hope the two of you never stop falling in love, over and over again for a lifetime.

    A family affair 

    Family weddings are important because it means you're welcoming a new member to the gang! Make them feel at home with a message about how excited you are. Talk about how eager you are to gain another family member, how much you love them and pile on the sap! 

    • I've always wanted a (sister/brother/daughter etc) and now I've got one.
    • Welcome to the family! It's absolutely mad, you'll love it.
    • I couldn't be happier or prouder to call you my (brother/sister etc) 
    • What an amazing day for our family!
    • From this day forward, you'll always have a (sister/brother/mother etc) in me.

    Wedding guest book ideas

    Give them a giggle

    Everyone loves a good laugh, and it's easy to be funny when you've had a couple of G&Ts. Mention silly anecdotes, memories you’ve shared or inside jokes that they'll love to be reminded of. Don't be afraid to bring out your best dad jokes either, they're awful but a wedding classic!

    • There's nowhere I’d rather get horrendously drunk at than your wedding.
    • I can't wait to take bad pictures of you both and post them online!
    • Thanks for all the free gin.
    • Thanks for inviting us to celebrate your special day; when are you cutting the cake?!

    Tips for the happy couple!

    Guest books are great, a tradition that's been tried, tested, and totally approved. But you don't have to go down that path! Get your creative hat on and think of some other ways to create a keepsake from your big day. No ideas? Don't worry, we've got a few…

    • Disposable cameras: pop some disposable or polaroid cameras on the tables and let the guests take their own snapshots of the day! You'll end up with a ton of natural photos from loads of different perspectives. Perfect for compiling into a photo album!
    • Pebbles: get your guests to sign their very own pebble, put them all in a jar and keep forever.
    • A jigsaw puzzle: each guest can sign a jigsaw piece and at the end, you'll literally have a puzzle of your wedding day. 
    • A globe: this is a great idea if you're both travel-lovers. Your guests can all write a message on a globe and when the big day is over, you can use it as a keepsake.
    • Video: a compilation video of your guests, slightly tipsy, drawling on about how much they love you and think you're a great match is the perfect thing to cuddle up to and watch together on nights where you feel like reminiscing.

    Wedding guest book ideas

    See? Not so scary after all! When writing wedding messages, just remember to speak from the heart and gush about how happy you are for the newlyweds, doodle a couple of hearts and smiley faces and we promise it’ll go down an absolute treat. 

    Don’t need to know what to write because you’re the one getting married? Shop our wedding guest books and photo albums or make your own using one of our scrapbooks. 

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