Working From Home: Our Top Tips

While some of us love working from home, others may find it difficult to adapt to a non-office environment. The whole process can be especially challenging if you find yourself suddenly having to set up a desk in your living room, with no return to the office in sight. You may not have figured out how to make it work for you yet, and there’s a good chance your home doesn’t have a dedicated office space. 

Fear not! To help you get into the swing of things, we asked a selection of Paperchasers to share their tried and tested working-from-home tips. Teamwork can still make the dream work, even when we’re apart!  

Paige, Marketing Manager

“I try to follow a similar routine to when I’m going into the office i.e. not getting up at 8:55am just because I can! To feel prepared and focused for the day, I shower and get dressed as normal. I also make sure I have my notebook with me. I don’t realise how much I have in there until it’s not in front of me! 

When you’re in the office, you leave your desk for various meetings and conversations that you don’t have at home. I find I need to take regular breaks away from my working area to avoid losing focus. In a similar vein, make sure you take a lunch break. Try to leave the house, even just for a short walk, to get some fresh air and keep the cabin fever at bay. 

Overall, I try to replicate as many of my office habits as possible so that it feels like a workday, and different to when I’m home at the weekend.” 

Working from home

Jess, Designer

“I am very strict about my timekeeping when working from home and stick to a rigid 9am to 5:30pm schedule. As a result, I cut out the overtime I often do in the office, as well as bad habits like eating at my desk. I never start 5 minutes late ‘because I can make it up later’, as I feel it’s a slippery slope. I set a timer for my lunch so I know I have a full hour to relax, eat a proper meal and watch a bit of Netflix. 

Working in silence tends to be my preference, but if I want some background noise I will listen to a podcast or a TED talk. I’m lucky enough to have a spare room in my flat, which I use as my office. This helps me to keep my work and personal life separate. 

To summarise, my top tips for working from home would be to take it as seriously as a day in the office and limit distractions; create some boundaries between work and play/relaxation; have a good stock of tea, coffee and podcasts!” 

For more tips on how to switch off when working from home look no further. 

Jess’ home office

Emily, Copywriter

“When I’m working from home, I like to split up the day with a trip to a local cafe. With more and more people working remotely, it’s not hard to find a quiet place with free WiFi and great lattes. At home, I set up shop on my sofa or at the dining table with a pot of coffee and maybe a scented candle if I’m feeling fancy. I often put the radio on or play a podcast out loud to make it feel less lonely. 

I tend to stick to the same schedule as a normal working day, and I use the time I save by not commuting to go to the gym and run errands. This is a good way to make sure I get out of the house as well. For me, one of the best things about working from home is the lack of interruptions and distractions. I try to use these days to tackle bigger pieces of work that require more time and focus. There’s nothing better than finishing a day with the satisfaction of having made good progress on a chunky project.” 


As long-time desk devotees, we would love to see your snazzy set-ups! Tag us @frompaperchase. And if you want to get your desk Insta-ready and make working from home as productive as possible, check out our selection of stationery and filing & storage. 

Working from home


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