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Agenzio Zodiac

Meet your colour match 

What does your favourite colour say about you? Does that specific shade of purple spring to mind or are you imagining a kaleidoscope of rainbow brights? Whatever the answer, it’s no secret that colour is the primary way to express all the wonderful that is Y.O.U! And there’s no reason why your go-to notebook shouldn’t do just that – that’s where Agenzio comes in.  

Say hello to our signature range, bursting with bold and brilliant colours, designed to inspire. The only hard part is choosing the colour that captures your shine to the fullest. So, we’ve put together an Agenzio “colourscope” to help you find a colourway that speaks to you.  

Let’s meet the line-up, shall we? 


Which Agenzio speaks to you? 

Punch Agenzio Zodiac

Punch, you’re all about being a whole lot of extra. Whether it’s making notes POP or jotting down something genius to turn a Thursday-night dinner into the event of the season. Your Punch sensibilities are sure to turn the every day into the extraordinary.

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Punch, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio 10oz Travel Cup - Punch, £18.00 - Shop here

Seafoam Agenzio Zodiac

Cool, calm and collected – that’s you, Seafoam. A practical brain with a dreamer’s mind. You’re all about ticking off your weekend to-dos whilst making time for moments of self-reflection and rewarding yourself with that favourite crowd-pleaser recipe. The Seafoam life is for living and you’re sailing with the flow!

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Seafoam, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Metal Tiffin Lunch Box - Seafoam, £16.00 - Shop here


Lavender Agenzio Zodiac

With a head in the clouds and a boundless imagination, you’re daydreaming your way through life Lavender. From throwing yourself into a new hobby to finding yourself in the pages of a journal, you know you have the magical power to achieve anything you set your mind to. Yes, Lavender, you are dreaaaamy.  

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Lavender, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio 350ml Water Bottle - Lavender, £18.00 - Shop here


Black Agenzio Zodiac

Strategies and spreadsheets, travel plans and tick lists – you mean business. Driven by the thrill of accomplishment, you’re all about making the most of every moment, Black. Living life to the fullest and achieving timeless brilliance in the process, success is just a hop, skip and a strong plan away. 

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Black, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio 1L Water Bottle - Black, £25.00 - Shop here


Atomic Agenzio Zodiac

Bold and vivacious, an Atomic mind is forever whirling with bright ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s an upcoming pitch or charity shop trawling, you’re forever rising to the challenge with the help of a go-getter attitude (and an all the sparkle of glitter from last year’s festival season).  

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Atomic, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Soft Touch Ballpoint Pen - Atomic, £4.00 - Shop here


Olive Agenzio Zodiac

If your dream Sunday afternoon looks like watering your plants, cooking up a seasonal storm and getting lost in your new fave book, then you’re Olive all over. Constantly connecting with the world around you and staying grounded, your potential is limitless. In short, you’re a natural at life, Olive. 

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Deco Dream, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Metal Tiffin Lunch Box - Olive, £16.00 - Shop here

Blush Agenzio Zodiac

Whoever said you need to be serious to be grown up seriously lied. Didn’t they Blush? You’re nurturing your inner child on the daily and bringing that optimistic flair to everything you do from your creative boardroom ideas to your long weekend activities. Will it be pottery or painting, Blush baby?  

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Blush, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Oval Pencil Case - Blush, £7.00 - Shop here


Mustard Agenzio Zodiac

Food, glorious food – you’re all about it, Mustard. Whether it’s cooking up a classic, experimenting with a new cuisine or tweaking an old favourite, the kitchen is your workshop and there are no limits. If it’s Liverpool or Lisbon, your friends know to ask you for the very best restaurant recommendations. 

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Mustard, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Soft Touch Ballpoint Pen - Mustard, £4.00 - Shop here


Powder Agenzio Zodiac

An organised outlook with a gentle disposition is Powder to a tee. Clearing out the cupboards isn’t a chore, it’s a joy. After all, life’s better when things are simple, allowing you to glide through a to-do list with ease. You’re gentle with yourself and a beacon of optimism to others. Powder, you’re simply gorgeous. 

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Powder, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Oval Pencil Case - Powder, £7.00 - Shop here


Granite Agenzio Zodiac

Don’t let the muted tones fool you, Granite – you’re an innovator through and through. A shark in the professional world always dreaming up the next big thing with a no-nonsense mindset to power productivity. You’re paving a solid path to success, Granite. 

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Granite, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Soft Touch Ballpoint Pen - Granite, £4.00 - Shop here


Oatmeal Agenzio Zodiac

You’re chic, you’re minimal, you’re the subtle head-turner hero, you’re Oatmeal. Whether it’s treating yourself to a cappuccino and a pastry or updating your Japandi Pinterest board, life is all about little pleasures and wearing your favourite outfit while doing it.

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Oatmeal, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio 1L Water Bottle - Oatmeal, £25.00 - Shop here


Aubergine Agenzio Zodiac

Why be one thing when you can be it all? That’s the Aubergine way. The business of Black paired with the pizzazz of Punch. You can have as much fun colour-coding a spreadsheet as tearing up a dancefloor, because why compromise on form and function? Vivacious and versatile, it’s all you Aubergine.

Agenzio Medium Soft Cover Ruled Notebook - Aubergine, £14.00 - Shop here

Agenzio Oval Pencil Case - Aubergine, £7.00 - Shop here


Expand your colour horizons 

Have you found your perfect match? That one shade that screams you? Whether you’re an Olive or an Oatmeal, a Powder or a Punch, we know an Agenzio notebook is just the thing to fuel your purpose, profession or passion. But why let the fun stop there? Mix and match with pencil cases and lunch accessories for a creative and colourful look. Plus, with new shades every season, your colour persona can evolve as you do helping to elevate the everyday.

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