Art & Craft

kids craftingkids crafting

Kids Crafting

Keep little fingers busy with a world of crafting! From building your own dinosaur to making the perfect card, you’ll find all the materials you need right here.



TKeep the memories alive by making a scrapbook! Fill it with words and pictures, tickets and dried flowers- anything that invokes happiness!

Pens & pencilsPens & pencils

Pens & Pencils

Be the 16th century poet you’ve always dreamed of being - writing sonnets to your one true love with curly calligraphy
and parchment paper. Ah yes, that’s the life.


Sketch BooksSketch Books

Washi Tapes

Washi tapesWashi tapes



Paper and Card

Paper and cardPaper and card

Professional artist or an enthusiastic amateur, we know you need the best materials and accessories to make the most of your talent. At Paperchase you'll find a selection of art tools to inspire you including paints, brushes, pens, canvas & sketchbooks. Start exploring and see what other gems you discover along the way! Fancy paintbrush, anyone?