3D printed dark ballpoint pen - lucky dip

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Scratch your itch for stylish pens without taking a toll on the earth with this dark, 3D printed one!

About is a London-based startup that recently partnered with Paperchase to create a 3D printed collection of biodegradable stationery, including pen cups, ballpoint pens, and giant paperclips. The designs are made with bioplastic (PLA plastic that’s made from sugar cane) using FDM, or Fused Deposition Modeling, to melt plastic filament at high temperatures in order to build layers. Biodegradable, cutting edge and stylish too? Don't mind if we do! 

  • Measures approx. 120 mm tall
  • Includes 1 pen
  • Mechanism: take off the (biodegradable) lid
  • Black ink
  • This product is 3D printed by Batch Works in East London
  • Unfortunately, the item colour cannot be specified, but what's life without its little surprises! Please note, you will only receive one  
PRODUCT NO: 00598038