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Embrace your inner sloth with this light-hearted self-help book. From being still and enjoying the moment, to digging your claws in when life gets tough, this book will show you how to go after your goals and get the most out of living life in the slow lane

Sloths' ability to seize the day makes them excellent examples of how to make the most of every moment; whether it's climbing higher to get a fresh perspective or a graceful swim in a nearby lagoon, sloths have it sorted

This book reveals the seven marvellous traits that you can embody to Be More Sloth and live a happier, healthier and all-around more chilled existence. Packed with practical tips and exercises, interspersed with folklore and fun facts about these furry gurus, there's something for everyone. So hang in there, relax and learn the art of being more sloth

  • Measures approx. 163 x 20 x 127 mm
  • Hardcover
  • Written by Alison Davies
  • Did you know that sloths can slow their heart rate down to such a pace that it is possible for them to hold their breath underwater for around 40 minutes?
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