Caran d'Ache Neopastel oil pastels - pack of 12

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Fulfil the need for spontaneity and artistic freedom with these high-quality pastels.

About Caran d'Ache
Caran d’Ache comes from the word 'karandash'- Russian for 'pencil' which in turn comes from the Turkish root 'kara tash' which refers to black stone- the origins of graphite. This natural material found in the mountains of Switzerland gave rise to the first Swiss pencil factory set up in Geneva in 1915 and Caran d’Ache have been filling the world with incomparable writing materials since

  • Ultra-high quality oil pastels
  • Water-resistant, soft and velvety texture doesn't crumble and can be dissolved in white spirit
  • Highly concentrated pigment
  • Superior covering power
  • Luminous colours
  • Excellent light resistance
  • ASTM D4236 compliant
  • Great for blending, shading, templates, finger work and more
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